Tips for Healthy Hair

Everyone dreams about having long, strong and healthy stresses. But factors like increasing pollution, harmful rays, and chemical-mixed hair products make the hair brittle and dull. With care and using the right products one can acquire long and strong hair in due course of time. Remember you can’t get long hair in one fine morning. It takes time. The average growth of a person’s hair is six inches a year.

So if you have decided to grow your hair then there are certain points to be kept in mind. Never keep your hair uncut. Regular trimming is required for healthy hair growth. If you are not willing to trim the hair, then remove the split ends regularly. You can chop the split ends at home. But use a good scissors meant for hair cut else you will end up damaging the ends.

Never comb wet hair and never blow dry, as these could make the hair brittle, dry and lifeless. Do not apply shampoos directly on to the hair. Dilute it in water and apply on wet hair. Deep conditioning protects the hair. Take care not to apply conditioners to the roots. This will clog the scalp and block the growth.

Dandruff and stress is the prime cause for hair fall. So before you give any treatment for getting a healthy hair treat dandruff first.  Hair spas are best to fight dandruff and it gives relaxation.

Head massage is good for blood circulation. Rinse the hair well with your fingers while washing. Keep in mind hot water can harm your hair. So use lukewarm water for hair. Brushing will also increase blood flow thus boosting hair growth. Use the right brush to comb the hair. A wide-toothed wooden comb is best for the hair.

Before going to any doctor or hair experts the treatment must start from home. Balanced diet is the primary treatment. Cut down on junk foods. Take in lot of sprouts and protein rich foods like milk and and fish for long and strong hair. Low protein diet will retard hair growth. Minimise intake of alcohol and cigarettes. Sleep well. Apply egg white, a good source of protein, on to your hair once a week and well and wash it off after half an hour. This could improve the hair strength. Olive oil massage can also perform wonders.