Tips For Improving Hair Growth And Scalp Health


Do you wish to look beautiful and smart? If yes, then you should not neglect the role hair plays in enhancing your external beauty. The quality of hair reflects the beauty of a woman. Taking care of the hair in an adequate way would be of massive assistance in maintaining the quality of the hair.

Hair Growth

In order to get good quality hair, you should also make it certain to keep your scalp in good health and condition. The strength of the hair would depend upon the scalp’s health. So, it is vital to provide proper nourishment to the scalp.

For maintaining good health of the scalp, you should feed the scalp appropriately and take good care of it. Here are some tips which would be of tremendous aid in keeping both hair and scalp in good health and condition.

Hot oil scalp massage

This is one of the main nourishing activities for the scalp. Giving warm oil massage to the scalp would be exceedingly beneficial for both scalp and hair. If the scalp attains proper nourishment, then hair growth process would be automatically boosted up.

Massaging the scalp with any essential oil, like olive oil, jojoba oil, almond oil or coconut oil, would help in stimulating the hair follicles to produce more hair, consequently improving the health of hair.


Scalp nutrition

Providing suitable nutrition to the scalp is tremendously vital to improve scalp and hair health. The hair follicles are made of protein, and therefore it becomes necessary to provide the hair with appropriate protein, in order to increase hair growth.

There are various foods which are good sources of protein like green vegetables, soybean, cereals, whole grains, and fish, and ought to be therefore included in the diet for improving scalp health and to promote hair growth.

Apart from feeding the hair with adequate protein content, you should also provide various other crucial minerals such as zinc, iron, and vitamins to the scalp for nourishing it appropriately.

Leafy green vegetables, all kinds of fruits (apple, oranges, strawberries, grapes, pear etc), cereals, and milk are enriched with all the nutrients for invigorating the scalp to produce healthy and strong hair.

Fruits and Vegetables

Hair washing

Apart from nourishing and feeding the scalp towards attaining healthy hair growth, it is imperative to maintain proper hair washing routine. Washing the hair daily is not recommended for attaining quality hair; however it is important to wash the hair twice or thrice in a week.

Few people think that washing the hair every day is good, but the truth is that daily hair washing deprives the hair of natural oils, thus making the scalp dry. This may result in hair loss and restrict hair growth.

Washing the hair after a gap of a day or two would help in maintaining the strength and vitality of the hair and prevent hair loss. Also, all the dirt and dust would be eliminated from the hair, hence maintaining the hygiene level of the hair.

wash the hair

Eliminating dandruff

Elimination of dandruff from the hair is one of the vital steps towards hair care, which should not be ignored. Dandruff in the hair is a sign of improper scalp health and may pose several problems. There may be itching and irritation in the scalp due to dandruff.

Also, the white flakes of dandruff may fall on your shoulder, which may be highly embarrassing. Further, the hair growth process may be restricted.So, treat the hair appropriately to get rid of dandruff, so as to encourage growth of hair and improve scalp health. There are several anti dandruff shampoos, which you can utilize for dandruff problem.

Also, a very effective natural remedy for elimination of dandruff is rinsing the hair with a mix of vinegar and water. Massaging the scalp with baby oil has also been proved to be effectual with regard to treatment of dandruff.

Eliminating dandruff

Hair conditioning

Hair conditioning forms a significant hair care activity, which assists in maintaining the softness and smoothness of the hair. The hair conditioner that you choose should be as per your hair type, so that maximum benefits can be attained.

It is advised to condition the hair after shampooing the hair. The conditioner should be applied throughout the hair, apart from the roots, as application of conditioner on the roots may make them oily.

It is suggested to allow the conditioner to remain on the hair for around two to three minutes, before rinsing the hair with cold water. Deep conditioning treatment should be also provided to the hair once in a fortnight, especially in case of dry hair, so as to obtain healthy hair and healthy scalp.

A very good homemade deep conditioner comprises of a mix of mashed avocado, olive oil and honey. The conditioner should be applied on the scalp and allowed to stay for around two hours. Thereafter, the hair should be washed with cold water.

You would be able to see a substantial improvement in the texture and strength of your hair with the help of fortnightly deep conditioning treatments provided to the hair, hence promoting hair growth.

Applying conditioner

Hair care

Without proper hair care, you would never be satisfied with the health of your hair. So, you need to take care of certain hair care facts, so as to have healthy, strong and beautiful hair. First of all, you need to be very gentle with your hair.

After the process of hair wash, you should towel dry the hair gently. Rubbing the hair vigorously to get rid of excess water may cause hair breakage. Also, you should not comb the hair immediately after washing. Let the hair dry partially, and then run the comb in the hair.

You need to be very gentle while trying to remove the tangles. Choose a comb with wide teeth to remove the tangles, so as to prevent hair breakage. Further, it is advised to limit the use of hair styling equipments on the hair, as these equipments produce heat, which damages the quality of the hair, and makes the hair dry, rough and brittle, hence resulting in hair fall.

Also, hair growth process would be restricted.  So, minimize the exposure of hair to heat producing styling tools to obtain healthy hair.

heat treatment