Tips For Selecting A Concealer

Concealer are generally use to mask a skin flaw that is present on the facial skin like an under eye dark circles or blemishes and scars and other acne marks that are present on the skin

They actually work by blending the color of the blemishes into the something similar to the facial skin tone so they do not appear to be prominent.

The concealers are in a way similar to foundation but are heavily pigmented as compared to foundations and can be used without or along with the foundation.

These concealers are found in a wide variety of color and forms. Today when numerous brands are releasing different concealers into market each day it can be quite tricky to select a concealer and for this some tips can be a handy option.

Firstly you should know that the concealer that are similar to the skin tone of an individual can fulfill the purpose of hiding imperfections and flaws of the skin and if you are new in this applying makeup choose a color shade that is similar to your skin tone rather going for unusual colors. In case you have to use the concealer with foundation go for a shade lighter than your facial color tone.

Secondly, if you have dry skin, then opt for liquid based concealer. Solid concealers are generally used by woman who has oily skin type.  However, cream based concealers can also be used for hiding the flaws of the dry skin along with people who have oily skin type and serves the dual purpose. So keep your skin type in mind while selecting a concealer.

Thirdly look for an organic concealer that has natural components that are completely devoid of chemicals and allergens.

Fourthly, remember to test the product before buying as some concealers appear in an altogether different shade when in packaged form and application turns out to be a different color.

Fifthly,Concealer with colors like white can be selected if you have to hide the imperfection of the dark circle beneath the eyes or for the purpose to lighten up the dull skin. Similarly you can also select green and blue colored concealers in order to neutralize the red patches left by pimples, and rosacea.

But do not select these colors if you have a normal skin without much of a problem associated with it and do remember that you just need to apply a bit of these colored concealers along with natural skin colored concealer or foundation that matches the skin tone.

If you are brand conscious you can also look up for a brand of your choice to select a concealer