Tips To Choose Eyeliner


Application of eyeliner is one of the most important aspects of eye makeup as it open up lots of possibilities of different looks a person can achieve along with enhancing your natural beauty. It basically is used to outline the line between the upper eyelids and eyelashes in order to create an optical illusion of bigger eyes.


A lot of brands of eyeliners are available in the market in various shades and it is very difficult to decide which brand and color to choose from. Along with that the eye liners are available in different textures like in pencil form, liquid form, and felt tip form and even as cake eyeliner which can further increase the trouble in your part.

Lot of brands of eyeliner

It should always be kept in mind that though the application of eyeliner seems easy, you can only achieve success with practice as it is a trick to get your hands steady while making an application. If you are novice in this field start with pencil eyeliner or felt tip ones as they are easy to control and will easily glide over the skin surface without much effort and won’t smudge as well.

pencil eyeliner

The only negative part associated to these pencil eyeliner is that they are not as brighter as the liquid eyeliners. So in order to use the liquid eyeliners you need more of a practice session and when you feel comfortable switch to the liquid eyeliners for better results.

liquid eyeliners

Since the eyeliner is meant to add some depth to your eyes, you should keep in mind your basic eye color while selecting eyeliner. In order to achieve that no makeup look, a person can opt for the same color of the eyeliner as his natural eye color as it will complement the natural beauty enhancing the eyes and not just the eyeliner.

eye color

If want to experiment with different colors and will also put some eye shadow than also decide on a color that compliments your eye color. For instance, if you have blue colored eyes, then classic colors like taupe, gray, navy blue and black mixed with bright blue for shadow can work well. Similarly if you have green or hazel color eyes go for colors like lilac, bronze, coffee, and gold.

blue and black mixed shadow

Always try sample eyeliner and draw a line on the back of your hand and see how smooth the liner is to glide on the skin. If it feels smooth then it is fine, otherwise look for a different option.

try sample eyeliner

Even do remember to choose only organic eyeliner as it has natural ingredients added for the preparation.

organic eyeliner