Tips to Cure Fever

Fever could tighten its clutches on you anytime and anywhere. Nothing to panic. Fever is just not a disease it is just a symptom. But this doesn’t mean you can self medicate. Take the advice of a doctor before proceeding to any pharmacy.

Sensing a rise in temperature needn’t be onslaught of fever. It is better to diagnose it using a thermometer. Certain measures should be taken at home during a rise in body temperature.

Tips to cure fever

Wearing thick woollen clothes during fever is a strict no no. Wear lighter cloths but if fever is accompanied by shivering and chill, only then use woollen dresses. Discontinue woollen clothes the moment shivering stops.

One needs complete rest during a rise in body temperature. Never take tablets and go out or give tablets to your kids and push them to schools. Because if it is a viral fever then it will spread to others like wild fire and lack of rest could worsen the disease. Mostly viral fever would affect ones immunity and if not taken adequate rest.

Drink plenty of water. Body loses water during fever, increasing the body temperature and healing period. So water must be taken liberally else there are also chances of lowering of blood pressure along with giddiness. According to your choice consume fruit juices, boiled water or lime juice.

In case of acute dysentery make a solution of ORS (oral rehydration solution) and consume.

The effective and safe way to reduce the body temperature is sponging. Sponging is the process of wetting a towel and smoothly dabbing it all over the body. This way the body heat is used to vaporise the water on the body thus reducing temperature.

Caution: At any cost ice cubes or chilled water should not be used for sponging as this will dampen blood flow in the skin, blocking the body heat from moving out. Use only luke warm water.

Fits during fever is the symptom of severe ailment. You may need to conduct tests for meningitis or brain fever. The most advisable medication for fever is popping a paracetamol. But in case the temperature rises above 103 degree rush to a hospital.