Tips To Lose Water Weight Fast

Generally, water contributes to about 70% of the total body weight of a normal person. When the human body starts retaining extra water, it often gives rise to a problem called water weight. And if this happens, it can make you look plump, puffy and bloated. Your old clothes will fit no longer.

Lose Water Weight

There can be a number of causes for water weight. Normally, it is the result of lack of sufficient physical activities and poor and unhealthy diet.  Water retention that gives rise to water weight can also be caused due to certain medications. Dehydration can also lead to water retention and ultimately water weight as in this situation the body tries to withhold extra water.


Given below are some useful tips to lose water weight fast. If you are a victim of water retention and have gained water weight then you can try these tips to get the extra water drained out of your body.

The most common way to lose water weight is to increase your consumption of water. Water retention means that your body is afraid of losing any more water and hence has started storing it in the body. So when you drink more water, your body gets the signal that there isn’t any scarcity of water in the body and hence there is no need to retain extra water.

Lots Of Water

Another tip to lose water weight fast is to include foods that are high in water content. When you consume these high water content foods, your body begins to eliminate water and fluid retention in the body. This helps in losing water weight fast. Examples of high water content foods are watercress, asparagus, cucumbers, lettuce, etc.

One of the most essential tips to lose water weight fast is to restrict salt intake. Eat a low sodium diet to discourage water retention. And if you don’t do this swelling and water weight can increase further. At any cost, stop the intake of processed foods as most of these foods contain excess salt.


The next important tip to lose water weight fast is to consume garlic, radish, raw onions and horseradish regularly. These foods are useful in boosting your metabolism, which leads to lose of water weight.

Use of diuretics to lose water weight is a common method. You can either use prescribed diuretics or opt for natural diuretics like celery, green tea, celery seeds, apple cider vinegar, etc.

green tea