Tobacco Use And Your Oral Health


You must have heard and read about the ill effects of smoking on your overall health. And in spite of all this information, if you are still a smoker then here are some more negative effects of using tobacco products.

If you love your smile and care for your oral health then the fact that the use of tobacco products can produce severe consequences on your oral health as well, may alarm you.

Let us know about the effects of using tobacco and tobacco products on your health, especially your oral health. In the first instance, smokers do not want to believe that tobacco can harm their health in any way. If you too think this then read ahead and discover the link between tobacco use and your oral health.

Use of tobacco can make your teeth as well as your tongue yellow and discolored. Lot of stains can be visible on your tongue, which can mar your smile as well as the beauty of your face. Regular use of tobacco can give rise to several oral health issues, which may be as severe as the oral cancer!

Although, smoking and tobacco use may not lead to tooth decay, it surely leads to gum diseases as well as periodontal disease. In the beginning, inflammation occurs in the gums and then gradually loss of bone occurs. And in due course of time, the bones that provide support to your teeth also get inflamed and eventually you may have to suffer from periodontal disease. And if you don’t get it treated in its early stage then you may have to suffer from jawbone damage and tooth loss too! It has been found that almost 50% cases of the periodontal diseases are linked to smoking.

Use of tobacco is one of the leading causes of mouth cancer. Studies reveal that smokers are at higher risk (6 times) of developing oral cancer as compared to non-smokers. Hence, if you have been using tobacco all these years then it is high time that you visited a doctor and received help in giving up your habit of tobacco use.

Use of tobacco in any of its forms, is dangerous for your health. Hence, it does not matter whether you smoke, inhale or chew tobacco. None of these forms are safer for your health. Smokeless tobacco is also related to cavities and tooth decay.