Top Secret Hair Loss Tips


Hair loss is a severe issue. It is very important to take proper care of the hair, so that hair loss is restricted and hair growth is encouraged. Let us here discuss about some of the most effective ways to stop hair loss and re-grow more hair.

Hair Loss Tips

Stress is one of the major reasons for hair loss. Stress is very harmful for the health of both body and hair. You should try to remain away from stress and tension in life, so that the health of the hair is maintained and hair loss does not occur. Include meditation and yoga in your life to restrict hair loss and re-grow the lost hair.

Make sure not to comb or style your hair when wet. Wet hair are delicate in nature and tend to break. So, let the hair dry before you style or comb your hair.

Herbal remedies are considered to be very good ways to deal with the problem of hair loss. Herbs, such as saw palmetto, nettle root and aloe vera are considered to be very effective ways to deal with the problem of hair loss. The hair growth process would be promoted in a great way with the help of intake of these herbs on daily basis.

Aloe vera

Drinking a cup of green tea every day in the morning is a very good way to nourish the hair and encourage hair growth. Green tea is enriched with all the essential antioxidants to promote the health and strength of the hair.

Green Tea

You should make sure to eat a healthy and nutritious diet, enriched with fresh fruits and green vegetables, so that the hair gets appropriate nutrition for growth. Hair loss would be reduced with the help of proper nutrition provided to the hair.

nutritious diet

Massaging the scalp with warm essential oil is a very good way to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and enhance the hair growth process. The hair gets appropriate level of nourishment with the help of regular warm oil scalp massage.

The lost hair would be restored if you massage your scalp with olive oil or coconut oil at least twice in a week.

Scalp massage