Treat Mange With Effective Home Remedies

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treat manageMange is a skin infection commonly found in pet animals, but humans also contract this disease. This skin disease caused by parasitic mites is greatly contagious and pet owners who are in constant touch with animals are at a greater risk of contracting it. It appears with skin swelling, irritation and other skin disorders. Loss of hair and scabby erections are the most common symptoms of mange in domestic pet animals.

What Causes Mange?


Many mammals including humans are highly susceptible to mange infections. When vary small microscopic parasites known as  ‘sarcoptes scabiei’ come in contact with human skin, infections starts. These mites live in the skin’s upper layer and can go deep into the skin to lay eggs.  They can penetrate deeper into the skin layers till 3cm by burrowing. This causes extreme irritation and itching. These mites can stay on the human skin throughout an entire life cycle.

Appearance of very small bites on the skin is the most apparent symptom of human mange. Itching will be high during night time. The condition of mange in humans is sometimes referred to as scabies. Infections occur in places, where there is close contact with other humans, for instance, childcare centres, prisons, clinics etc. Sarcoptes mange is found commonly in puppies, and this mite can easily travel from your pets skin to human skin, if you are in contact with the pet.

But, these mites cannot survive longer in human skin and will be eliminated in three days’ time. Scabies is the human-borne mange that can lay eggs and reproduce on the surface of human skin. These mites can stay on human skin up to three weeks and will get transferred from human to human in an easy manner.

Herbal Cure For Mange


Medicated shampoo bath, injections and antibiotics are usually used to for the treatment of mange; but herbal treatment is an effective option to cure this contageous disease.

As we all know, garlic is a wonder herb that is enriched with anti-repellent and anti-inflammatory properties. The sulfuric compounds in garlic are really helpful in eliminating mites. Topical application of diluted garlic oil will offer relief from itching and will kill the mites, which are the root cause of all the discomforts. The anti-bacterial properties of the herb will reduce infection. Topical application of licorice oil will also do the same effect. Wormwood also helps in killing the mites and hence cures mange.

Neem and Lemongrass are two great herbs that are enriched with excellent healing properties. Its function as natural insecticide will help in pacifying irritated skin conditions. Niaoli is another antiseptic herb that can heal all the skin itching and disorders.

Essential oils such as neem, lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon etc. are great remedies to heal skin irritation caused by mites. The affected area can be liberally applied with a blend of neem oil – botanical pesticide – and lavender oil to get a soothing effect. Lavender oil has been found to be effective in killing the mites and their eggs.

A natural skin rinse can be prepared for mange by blending lavender oil, neem oil, and almond oil. This mixture should be applied at least two times daily to get the desired results. Yarrow oil is another herb that can be safely used on the affected area. Extra virgin olive oil and clove essential oil will also be of much help in relieving itching. Some other great herbs that can be effectively used to treat mange are aloe vera, calendula, Echinacea, and yellow dock.

The use of herbs such as tansy and fleabane, which are known for its flea repelling properties, can also be used to treat infection. Rinsing the affected skin area in apple cider vinegar will give calming effect. Other herbs such as basil, citronella, Virginia cedar wood and cinammon leaf are also effective in killing mites.

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Research studies have proven that a paste of neem and turmeric has been really effective in treating skin infections caused by mites in human bodies. While neem prevents the reproduction cycle of mites, turmeric’s antiseptic properties heals scars and itching. A blend of neem oil and turmeric works as a good antiseptic to relieve the pain and itching associated with mange in humans. Keeping the irritated skin always cool will helps in soothing irritation.

A blend of olive oil and Vitamin E will accelerate the healing process thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Another alternative is the application of a mix of 10 ml of tea tree oil and 90 ml of distilled witch hazel after having shower. Tea tree oil is very effective in treating bacterial and fungal infection.  If your skin is sensitive to tea tree oil, you can mix it with olive oil and apply. Another effective home remedy to treat mange infections is to rinse the affected area with lemon-soaked water. Place some lemon slices in hot water and then use this liquid to wash the infected area.

The affected person should eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet to strengthen his/her immune system. The intake of dietary supplements such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E and fish oil, which is rich in Omega 3 essential fatty acids, should be enhanced. Intake of herbal extracts such as dandelion, licorice root and burdock root will help in blood purification.

Besides treating mange in human by means of the above mentioned herbal remedies, one has to take other preventive measures to stop these harmful mites from spreading. There are some daily practices that have to be strictly adhered to to prevent re-infestation. Never scratch wounds in skin and always keep your nails trim and clean.

Use hot water to wash all your clothes, towels, curtains and bed linen, to keep your things free from infection. Keep the surroundings clean especially carpets, car’s interiors and soft toys as mites tend to survive in furs. It is better to vacuum clean the carpets regularly.  Keep and wash yourself thoroughly after any kind of contact with an animal infected with mange. You can use natural and non-toxic pesticides to eliminate insects and parasites from your home and garden.