Treating Eczema With Bleach Baths


People suffering from eczema usually have to undergo a lot of sufferings, if proper care and proper treatment is not taken timely. Eczema, as we all know is a common skin condition, but in many cases it becomes very severe and then becomes difficult to find its accurate treatment.


Although eczema may affect anyone, children are the most common victims of eczema. It may be a painful experience for you to see your child struggling with the severe symptoms of this common skin condition.  Once you come to know that either you or your child is suffering from eczema, you should seek proper treatment.

Victims of eczema

Atopic dermatitis is the most common type of eczema and people affected with atopic dermatitis are infected predominantly with Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. As a result, irritation, itching and inflammations get worse. Scratching becomes vigorous.


Some experts believe that a dilute solution of bleach can be used to kill the bacteria responsible for all these problems caused to the eczema patients. They also believe that bleach baths can benefit in reducing the symptoms by killing the responsible bacteria.


Bathing with water in which a small amount of bleach has been mixed, is known as an eczema bleach bath. This bath is believed to alleviate the symptoms, especially severe itching and scratching in case of chronic eczema, which is also known as atopic dermatitis. Bleach baths also give relief in symptoms like scaling, redness, and some other common symptoms of the eczema condition.

Beach bath

Bleach bath when coupled with other eczema treatments can produce wonderful and very effective results. Hence, along with an eczema bleach bath, moisturizers should be used on a regular basis and eczema medications should be taken regularly.


If proper guidelines are not followed while taking a bleach bath, it can produce some negative results. As for example, if this bath is taken frequently or if the concentration of the bleach is very high, then it may lead to skin dryness and in severe cases, it may give you painful results. Hence, never use this bleach bath for more than 2 times a week and the duration of the bath should not exceed 10 minutes.

Bleach bath 2 times a week

If you use bleach bath that is appropriately diluted, it will be safe for you as well as your child. But you must try this treatment only in the case of severe eczema and that too after consultation with your doctor.

Consult with doctor