Treatment For Arthritis


Arthritis is a problem of joints, which can occur in any joint area of the body. It basically occurs in the form of inflammation, pain, and swelling in the joint area. One of the joint areas, which is commonly affected by arthritis, is hands.The hands are the most functioning parts of human body.

Treatment For Arthritis

Also, there are so many joints and bones in the hands. Therefore, there is no doubt that hands are quite prone to be affected by arthritis. There are several treatments for arthritis of the hands, which can prove to be of colossal assistance in getting rid of pain and swelling associated with the joints of hands. Let us here discuss about treatment options, which can help to treat pain, swelling, and inflammation in the hands.

A Few Arthritis Treatment Options


There are several supplements which can be of colossal assistance with respect to treatment of arthritis of hands. The pain in the nerves and joints of hands can be relieved to a great extent with the aid of ingestion of vitamin B complex. Further, glucosamine supplement is also believed to provide relief from arthritis of the hands.

Nutritional supplements


The use of injections with respect to arthritis treatments of the hands has also been proved to be of great assistance. A combination of anesthetic and steroids is often given as injections to alleviate swelling and inflammation associated with arthritis of hands. Normally, a series of injections are given, so as to deal with the problem. The injections may continue for a few weeks or a couple of months to provide relief from arthritis pain.



Anti inflammatory medicines are often prescribed by the doctors as arthritis treatment for hands. In less severe conditions, over the counter pain reliever, ibuprofen can also provide relief from pain associated with arthritis of the hands. In case of extreme pain and inflammation in the hands, narcotics may be prescribed.

Prescribed medicines


There are certain occupational and physical therapies which can help in treatment of arthritis of hands. The physical therapies include exercises which can help in easing out the pain that occurs due to arthritis of the hands. Massage and paraffin bath treatments are also included in physical therapies for arthritis treatment. The occupational therapies consist of ways of carrying out daily tasks without putting much pressure on the hands, while improving the strength of hands.

Physical therapy


In cases of extreme pain in hands, braces or splints are used, which help in speeding up the healing process. The hands are put at rest with the help of use of splints, thus relieving pressure while carrying out activities. However, it is strongly recommended not to follow this treatment on long term basis; else the muscles would become weak due to non-utilization.

Braces or splints


Surgery for arthritis treatment is usually the last option and may consist of joint replacement, fusion of thumb base, and invasive arthroscopic surgery (for reducing swelling in hands).