6 Treatment Options For Heel Spurs

6 Treatment Options For Heel Spurs

Heel spurs! Do you know what they mean? Before we discuss about the ways to treat heel spurs, it is important to know what a heel spur actually means. Heel spur basically refers to bone’s hook formed on heel bone. The problem is often associated with pain in the heels, which is more common among middle aged women and men.

6 Treatment Options For Heel Spurs

The diagnosis of the problem is often done through an X-ray. The problem basically occurs in people suffering from plantar fasciitis, which is health disorder associated with inflammation in the foot’s sole. A person having a history of plantar fasciitis is often believed to suffer from heel spurs. The treatment for both plantar fasciitis and heel spurs is basically the same, as both the problems are closely connected to each other. In this article, we shall discuss about a few effective treatment options for heel spurs.

Treatment Options For Heel Spurs

Here follows a discussion on a few effective ways to treat heel spurs:


The most important and the initial treatment for heel spur is proper rest. It is suggested to have proper rest for a short time span, so that the pain and inflammation in the heels get subsided. This would speed up the recovery process, and would provide successful results.


Ice packs

Ice packs help a great deal in reducing the pain in heels. In case of extreme pain and inflammation in the heels, this treatment works quite effectively and successfully. The ice pack treatment should be given twice or thrice in a day to attain effective results.

Ice Packs

Stretches and Exercises

Exercises like calf raising and leg balancing help a great deal in providing respite from pain and inflammation in the heels. Also towel stretching plays a vital role in treating heel spurs. It is suggested to carry out the stretches and exercises twice daily for a few days to witness effective results.

Calf rise

Night Splints

It is recommended to wear night splints while sleeping, so as to prevent the foot’s arch from getting contracted. This treatment would not make your heels much painful when you wake up in the morning.

Night splints

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Shoe Inserts

Shoe inserts works as a very good treatment for heel spurs. A few people prefer wearing shoe inserts, which help in carrying out all the tasks efficiently. Regularly wearing shoe inserts would help in gradually reducing the pain in heels.

Shoe inserts

Anti-Inflammatory Medicines

There are several anti inflammatory medicines which help in reducing pain and inflammation in the heels. With the help of usage of these medicines, the pain in the heels would get reduced to a great extent. Though, you can go for over the counter medicines, yet it is advised to have prescribed ones for best and quick results.

All the above given treatment options for heel spurs are quite effective and would help in dealing with the health disorder in a successful way. An individual would be able to see immense improvement in his or her condition in a few days with the help of following the above given tips to treat heel spurs.