Treatment Options For Teeth Discoloration

Almost each one of us wants to get white and clean teeth but unfortunately, millions of people suffer from discoloration of teeth. People with yellow and stained teeth try different products and methods to get pearly white teeth like Oprah Winfrey, Britney Spears, Tom Cruise, and many other celebrities.

Teeth Discoloration

You may be surprised to know that hefty amount of money (more than 1 billion dollars per year) are spent on the dental procedures to get rid of the discoloration of teeth.

If you have started noticing the signs of teeth discoloration such as yellow, strained, tarnished, or dark spots on teeth then you must take precautions to save your teeth as well as your bright smile. Given below are some common treatment options for teeth discoloration.

Yellow and dark spot on teeth

Let us first see the most common causes of teeth discoloration in brief. You may get discolored and stained teeth if you do not follow appropriate oral hygiene habits, or if you are a smoker or alcoholic person, or suffer from some certain diseases that have direct effects on the dentin and enamel of your teeth. The type of foods and beverages you consume, or certain medications can also lead to teeth discoloration.

Avoid smoke and alcohol

The causes of teeth discoloration may vary from person to person. So if you want to prevent your teeth from getting discolored any more then you should see that you try to eliminate the causes that may be responsible for the teeth discoloration in your case.

Treatment options for teeth discoloration basically depend upon the causes related to it and include the following options.

The most important and easy treatment option for teeth discoloration is to avoid the food stuffs that are well known for causing stains and to follow the accurate flossing as well as tooth brushing methods.

Avoid food stuffs

Another treatment option is to use the easily available over-the-counter (OTC) whitening products. You can also purchase in-home whitening products from your dentist. You may find these products very beneficial in treating your discolored teeth.

Whitening products

In-Office dental whitening procedure can also be opted for treatment of discolored teeth. These procedures may be a bit taxing on your pockets but they can give you good result.

Tooth brush

In cases of teeth discoloration caused by root canal treatment, or too much fluoride, or the intake of certain drugs, you can opt for bonding or dental veneers to get back the sparkle in your teeth.

Sparkle in your teeth