5 Home Remedies For Trigger Point


Trigger Point

There are a number of trigger points in the different parts of the body. These points are delicate muscle tissues, which cause pain when pressed. They are generally classified into three types, namely, active, passive, latent trigger points.

This pain can generate from improper posture, injury, sudden stretch, birth defect, stress, infection, weather changes, etc. You should try home remedies for relaxing the trigger points.

Trigger Point Home Remedies

Pressure Point Therapies

There are several pressure point therapies suitable for different trigger points. In fact, most of the trigger points are linked with each other and thus, can be massaged to get better relief. For example, you can put controlled pressure around your leg from the calf till the toe for releasing pain from the ankle region.

For this, you will have to tie a pipe about ¾ inches wide around your leg. You can release pain from the facial regions like head, ear, neck, jaw line, etc. by pressing individual trigger points on those areas.

You can apply controlled pressure on the hip section in order to reduce lower back pain. Some trigger points for your arms are present in the elbows and fingers. You can massage the areas for getting rid of arm joint pain.

You can also use essential oils for massaging the areas. It is very important to follow proper techniques as wrong methods may lead to severe and even permanent damage to related organs and tissues.

Pressure Point Therapy

Proper Exercises

It is very important to perform some simple exercises in order to stay fit and reduce pain from the trigger points. You should perform cardio-vascular exercises like walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, etc.For improving blood circulation and for moving the muscle tissues. Strength training exercises with simple machines and moderate weights are suitable for strengthening the muscle tissues.


Heat and Cold Compress

Warmth and cool temperature are extremely beneficial for curing pain of the trigger points. You can apply a hot water bag two times a day on the affected areas for better relief. You can even wrap a moist warm towel or take a warm bath in order to reduce pain. This is more important during the winter season. You can even apply ice compress on some kinds of trigger points.

Cold Compress

Stress Relief Measures

Stress is one of the worst factors that cause pain in the trigger points. You should, therefore, try to reduce the stress and anxiety regularly for proper health.

You should practice certain stress management programs like breathing exercises, guided imagery, yoga, etc. for relaxing your mind and body. You should also take proper rest by sleeping for at least eight hours per day. You can also consume herbal teas for getting similar benefits.

herbal tea

Importance of Foods

Foods play a vital role for curing any disease or pain in the body. They help in providing energy, for enhancing the immune system, for improving blood circulation and for relaxing the points.


You should consume fresh fruits and vegetables, especially in their raw form and water for soothing your senses and for revitalizing your muscle tissues. You should also consume whole grains, proteins like fish, soybean, lean meat, etc. for adding strength to the bones and muscle tissues.

Trigger Point Remedies