Use Olive Oil To Be In A Win-Win Situation

Olive oil is a fruit juice oil extracted from olive fruits, however the process not natural but usually mechanical. Extra Virgin olive oil is the purest form as it is extracted without adding any chemicals into it. Though, olive tree was originated in Asia but it is widely cultivated in Mediterranean countries.

Its extensive use in countries like Italy, Greece, Spain, etc, makes the people of this region healthier as compared to rest of us. Fat content in olive oil is mostly monounsaturated which makes it low in cholesterol level. This is the reason why people who consume olive oil have low chances to get heart diseases. Overall life span of the people in Mediterranean countries is observed to be higher due to regular consumption of olive oil.

Olive oil has extensive use. Where on one hand its used in food, its medicinal properties makes it to be used externally as well. Olive oil is extremely rich in iron and vitamin A, B1, B2, C, D and E. The vitamin E is the reason why olive oil is beneficiary for the skin and fights against the ageing process. Regular Massage of olive oil in the hair-root during night and washing in the morning is effective against hair-fall. Olive oil massage also helps in getting rid of the stretch marks.

During early symptoms of cold and cough, taking one tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil helps to bring relief in throat by keeping it moist. People with diets rich in olive oil are observed to have less colon., breast and skin cancers.
It helps in digestion and fight against stomach ulcers too as it is easily absorbed in the body. Apart from that it’s anti-oxidant effect, the extra-virgin olive oil helps in calcium absorption and stimulates bone growth too.

It also helps to control the blood sugar level by lowering triglyceride levels. The unsaturated fats in olive oil make it cholesterol free and have also shown to help reduce the body cholesterol level. This shows its fight against ‘bad cholesterol’, which makes it a must-have in our kitchen and food.