Useful Home Remedies For Ear Infections


Ear Infections

Ears are the tenderest part of the body. They are easily susceptible to infections. The usual causes of middle ear infections among adults are sinus and water that creeps into ear while swimming or showering. The water trapped in the ear germinates fungal infection referred to as ‘swimmers ear’.

Earache can be caused due to plugged Eustachian tube. This tube connects the ear with nose and any blockage causes pressure in the ear. Bacterial infections and excess of ear wax can also cause ear infections. If untreated, it can lead to hearing loss. Home remedies for ear infections are easy and effective.

First and foremost, keep your ears dry. Use ear plugs to keep water out. Mineral Zinc is very useful in treating earaches. Fight ear aches by increasing the intake of Vitamin C in your diet. Remove the wax from your ears with an ear bud. Don’t use hair pins or ball pens as these can cause inner ear infections. Try these natural remedies. Pour one- two drops of warm olive oil in your ear. Warm onion juice is also very beneficial for ear infections.Take some oil of Bishop’s weed and mix it with three times the quantity of sesame oil. Warm this mixture and pour three to four drops in the aching ear. This is an effective home remedy for earaches.

Ears Pligs

Garlic oil also helps in fighting ear infections. Another home remedy is to put a few drops 3% hydrogen peroxide in each ear. Extract the juice of mango leaves. Warm it and pour it in ears. This will provide an instant relief. Combine equal amounts of apple cider vinegar with water. Place a drop of this mixture on ears to combat ear infections. If you have acute sinus, inhaling steam vapors with herbal oil will provide relief and open up the nose blockage. Place a warm bottle of water mixed with some salt near your ear. It will ease out the pain.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Ear infections should be treated at the earliest. Don’t ignore the symptoms. Try these natural home remedies. Consult a physician in cases of chronic pain. Protect your ears from water and dry winter air. Take care of your ears to keep them open to all the melodious voices around.