Using Vitamin Shampoo To Prevent Hair Loss And Promote Hair Growth


Vitamins are strong foundation for healthy hair growth. For hair growth to be faster and healthier, right quantity of vitamins, minerals and nutrients should be taken. Healthy hair is assured by using vitamin shampoos with hair energizer vitamins and silk protein.

Hair Re-Growth

Manufacturers generally formulate vitamin shampoo to assist, restore and promote hair growth.

Hair loss may also be the result of drugs consumed in curing ulcers, blood pressure, depression, cholesterol etc. Hair loss is a result of either hypervitaminosis or deficiency of vitamins. Hypervitaminosis results due to excess dosage of vitamin A that gets accumulated in the body. Taking right quantity of vitamin A is prescribed to avoid hair loss.

deficiency of vitamins

Deficiency of vitamins especially vitamin B results in hair loss. Deficiency of inositol, niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid can result in hair loss. Using a proper vitamin shampoo, which can deliver vitamins and minerals, can rectify this problem.  Vitamin shampoo that is rich in vitamin B and fatty folic acid is prescribed to avoid hair loss and promote hair growth.

vitamin B shampoo

To maintain healthy hair the follicle cells need nutrition and hydration. Like other cells in the body the hair cells also need moisture, elastin and fibers.  Vitamin shampoos not only help to clean the dirt and oil but also deliver vitamins and minerals to the root for straight combination of nutrition.

Vitamin shampoos are rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9, which are excellent for hair growth. Slow hair growth, hair loss and scalp problems may be a result of using shampoos which may contain harsh surfactants.

By using vitamin shampoos we can avoid these problems. Vitamin shampoo, by supplying correct quantity of minerals, vitamins and nutrition, promote hair growth.

Trichogen, a botanical complex, has shown good results in stimulating hair growth and controlling hair loss. In hair loss and hair growth products trichogen has become an accepted component. Trichogen can cure damage caused by DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). It is one of the important ingredients for vitamin shampoos.

hormone DHT

In controlling hair loss and restore hair growth, trichogen is proved to be a vital element. Vitamin shampoo promotes healthy hair growth by jamming the androgen receptors, activating hair follicle growth, improving scalp condition, and adds to hair strength. Vitamin shampoo with vitamin precursors, amino acids and natural ingredients is vital for healthy hair growth.

Vitamin shampoo