Vitamin B For Weight Loss

If you are tired of trying the pills meant for weight loss in order to shed off the excess weight and even exercising and taking a low calorie diet is not working out for you as fast as you were expecting to shed the weight.

Then you can increase the momentum up the weight loss with some additional efforts. This extra help can be gained through consumption of some vitamins both in natural or supplementary forms.

Basically, it is a fact that speeding your body metabolism can help you to lose fat. You can very well imagine the result of having a low calorie diet and that too being burned off at a faster pace. The consequence is that the body will use up the stored body fats to be utilized as a source of energy that will lead to weight loss.

Intake of vitamin B is considered as an effectual method for weight loss and you can easily avail the vitamin B in the natural forms by including milk, eggs and almonds and green leafy vegetables in your diet.

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) is necessary for the proper functioning of thyroid glands and any hyperactivity on the part of thyroid glands can ward-off the loss of weight. It is the most effective vitamin for regulation of the metabolic rate. The rich source of vitamin B2 includes milk, eggs and liver.

Niacin or Vitamin B3
is necessary maintenance of thyroid hormone production and burning of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in the body. Brown rice, tuna, salmon and green leafy vegetables are the well known food sources for vitamin B3.

Vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid helps to burn off the fat and produces energy along with increasing the rate of metabolism in the body. The sources for vitamin B5 include nuts, oats, wheat germ and meat.

Vitamin B6 also helps in controlling the functions of the thyroid gland along with playing a key role in the metabolism of the unsaturated fats. Avocado, dry fruits and bananas are major sources of vitamin B6.