Vitamin B: How important It Is In Our Life?


The group of B vitamins comprise of 8 water-soluble vitamins which play a significant role in the metabolic process that takes place in the body cells. In the past, B vitamins were considered to be one single vitamin known as Vitamin B.

However, after a lot of research it was found that the group of B Vitamins comprises of chemically distinct vitamins often coexisting in same food items. The supplements of these vitamins are usually known as Vitamin B complex.

Each of the B vitamin has it individual properties and an important biological role in our lives. Vitamin B1 helps in the conversion of carbohydrates into energy in our body. It also supports the metabolism of fats and proteins. It can be obtained from bread, cereals, egg yolk, legumes and red meat.

Vitamin B2 is responsible for completing a number of reactions within the energy cycle. Vitamin B2 can be found in whole grains, cheese, peas and milk.

Vitamin B3 supports the metabolism of carbohydrates and can be obtained from peanuts, potatoes, legumes, fish, and yeast.

Vitamin B5 promotes various metabolic reactions that are very important for the growth and well-being of a large number of animals. The requirement of Vitamin B5 can be met by the consumption of whole grain cereals, legumes, and meats.

Similarly, Vitamin B6 works as a coenzyme involved in the process of metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, and protein. It can be obtained from meat, liver, fish, brown rice, wheat gram, butter, soybeans, and whole grains.

On the other hand, Vitamin B7 helps in the metabolic process leading to the formation of fats in the body.

Vitamin B9 supports the formation of red blood cells and is required for the synthesis of nucleic acids in the body. It can be found in whole grain cereals, liver, yeast, and green vegetables.

On the other hand, Vitamin B12 is a kind of complex crystalline compound while supports the healthy working of all our body cells, particularly the ones located in the nervous system, gastrointestinal tracks, and inside the bone marrow. It also helps in the production of red blood cells in various higher animals. The requirement of Vitamin B12 can be fulfilled from the consumption of egg yolk, meat, liver, milk, and poultry.

Since B Vitamins are so important for our body, the best way to get is through different food items containing them. So consume all B vitamins in appropriate quantities for the healthy functioning of our body.