Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms


The body requires different vital nutrients, to function normally. And vitamins are one of the most important nutrients needed by the body for maintaining good health. These vitamins are found in most of the foods.

Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms

If you are deficient in any one or more vitamins then your body may start exhibiting several symptoms that may indicate the type of vitamin deficiency.

Generally, vitamin deficiency is linked to insufficient dietary intake. Vitamin deficiency can also be associated with excessive consumption of alcohol or mal-absorption syndromes. In these cases, the body is not capable of absorbing vitamins and other vital nutrients from the foods that have been consumed.

Depending upon the phase of deficiency and the vitamins, the symptoms exhibited may range from mild to severe. There are a number of vitamins and their deficiency may show symptoms that might be quite different from the symptoms exhibited by other vitamin deficiencies.

The most common types of vitamin deficiency include, Thiamine deficiency (Vitamin B1 deficiency), Riboflavin deficiency (Vitamin B2 deficiency), Vitamin A deficiency, Vitamin C deficiency, Scurvy, Vitamin B12 deficiency, Vitamin D deficiency, Pyridoxine deficiency (Vitamin B6 deficiency), Biotin deficiency (Vitamin H deficiency), Rickets, pellagra and beriberi. Some important vitamin deficiency symptoms are given below.

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Symptoms related to skin, eyes, hair, mouth and nail are amongst the first noticeable symptoms caused by vitamin as well as mineral deficiencies. Symptoms that generally indicate vitamin deficiencies, can also be caused or aggravated due to other conditions such as eating disorders, allergies, problems associated with blood sugar or metabolism of fat.

Severity of the vitamin deficiency symptoms may differ significantly depending on the degree of deficiency that has occurred. Some important vitamin deficiencies may be present in the form of energy level symptoms, eye symptoms, mood symptoms, hair or skin symptoms, and nail or teeth symptoms.

Eye symptoms exhibited by vitamin deficiencies may include eye pain, blurred vision, red or itchy eye, vision changes, inflammation of eyes, etc. Hair symptoms associated with vitamin deficiency include baldness, hair loss, dandruff, dry or brittle or, and coarse hair.

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Some common skin symptoms of vitamin deficiencies may include: acne, rash, eczema, Arterial Spider’s, Addison’s disease, blisters, dry skin, oily skin, psoriasis, pale skin, etc.

In order to avoid vitamin deficiency, you must consume a balanced diet. In case, you are unable to consume foods belonging to certain food groups, then you should take a multi-vitamin supplement daily.

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