Vitamins For Hair Loss

Almost half a million people around the world are suffering from hair loss. Our Nutrition and Vitamin intake play an important role in maintaining healthy hair and preventing hair loss. Many studies are done to check which of the vitamins help in hair growth.

Dermatologists all over the world have started prescribing Vitamins which help specially in hair loss.

Vitamins are classified into vitamin A, B, C, B12 etc, which are conducive to the growth of hair and their intake is good as the person experiences no hair loss. One of the most wanted vitamins is B12 in females as they suffer from hair loss and the vitamin supplements the level of B12 in their body.

Men suffering from hair loss tend to go bald or lose a lot of hair due to the water components or nutritional habits. Vitamin E helps in blood circulation to the head keeping it in good condition.Vitamin A keeps the hair follicle lubricated thus preventing hair loss as it is used in scalp oil.

Hair loss is linked to severe stress in some people, for this Vitamin B and C act as able supporters to their body; thus decreasing the stress level, thereby avoiding the probability of hair loss. Prenatal vitamins are taken by women at the time of pregnancy which arrests hair loss which she suffers after the child is born.

Some people might be having sufficient amounts of vitamin C but may be less of vitamin B. In this case hair loss is possible therefore they should take all the four supplements of vitamins in adequate form to maintain chemical balance which helps in preventing hair loss.

Studies have shown that a vitamin with the name biotin B7 which has to be taken with water helps in promoting healthy hair and reducing hair loss. B 6 and Folic acid are the two important B Vitamins which are available in the food that we eat.

If we ask the question – Are Vitamins in the fight against hair loss? The answer is yes as treatments that principally use vitamins for hair loss are crucial in the war against male and female baldness. Vitamins are safe as compared to other market products and when taken at a recommended dosage by healthy people actually makes a difference though we have to be patient for at least a month to see the results.