Vitamins For Nails


As your hair condition is capable of revealing about your health conditions. In a similar way the nails too can reveal about the well-being of a person. A lot of information can be achieved by just looking at the color and shine of your nail.

A person having a healthy body usually have pink colored nails and any disturbance or deficiency in the body often changes the color and appearance of the nails. Some of the key components whose absence or presence in reduced amounts can often lead to associated nail problems consist of vitamins and minerals.

Some of the common problems associated due to deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the diet consist of brittle nails which are often associated with deficiency of biotin and the white spots are often regarded to make their appearance with deficiency of vitamins and mineral deficiency.  Even slow growth of nails result on a part of nutritional deficiency in the diet.

A wide variety of options are available
to make your nails strong. The simplest of them is to endow your diet plan with the essential vitamins and minerals for nail growth. You can easily watch the difference this type of food brings to your nails.

They tend to replenish the pink color back to your nails along with adding a natural shine to them. The other alternative is to have vitamins supplements for getting healthy nails.

The first vitamin is the vitamin A which is regarded as the basic vitamin for nail growth and any deficiency in your part can often lead to short and fragile nails which are easily broken.

This vitamin also plays a major role in repairing the nail bed. For inclusion of vitamin A in your diet you can encompass the yellow fruits and green vegetables in your diet.

Vitamin E is
one of the key vitamins that can add to the shine and luster on the nail surface. This vitamin not only imparts shine to the nails but is also required in certain amounts in order to maintain the gleam on the nails.

Vitamin B2 and vitamin B7 also promotes the growth of healthy nails. Vitamin B2 is basically required for the formation of nails and any deficiency on the part of vitamin B7 can lead to brittle nails due to the fact that biotin is required for strengthening the keratin protein present in the nails thereby power up the nails as well.

Vitamin C also plays a vital role making the protein components of the nails. Therefore any deficiency in its part can lead to deformed nails.