Walking For Weight Loss: An Efficient Method to Burn Calories

Now-a-days with change in our lifestyle we all have turn down physical activities rather we all have become a couch potato sitting on your relaxing chair watching television all the time.

This has lead many people become victim of obesity. Not only this our habit of dietary intake has also seen tremendous change-with rise of intake of junk food, canned food with preservatives and eating processed food all have lead to aggravation of this problem further.

An obese person is an easy prey for getting diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and other cardiovascular diseases. Though many people can easily shed off the bad eating habits for reducing weight, others find alternative for losing weight without compromising on their diets.

So in whatever case you may fall, including a bit of physical activity can change your life to a great extent making you not only slim but also fit and for this what’s better than walking as it is the most simplest form of physical work that can help you to shed those extra ponds of weight that you have been carrying around.

Anybody of whatever age and sex can adopt walking in order to lose weight. In fact it is one of the milder forms of exercise that even infants or aged persons can also do without much trouble. The best part is that you do not require going to the gym or doing strenuous workouts that can prove hectic for you. Rather a simple pair of comfortable shoes along with a Tee and track pant is what you will need.

It is a known fact that walking for an hour
or so at a medium pace facilitate in burning the stored fats in the body and also help to build up the body muscles in order to perk up the metabolic rate. So in other words if you walk for an hour each day then you also cut down your risk of heart diseases, colon cancer, diabetes and stroke to a great extent.

You can do walking any time in a day but the effects are more visible if you consider walking in the morning before having your breakfast and consider brisk walking rather than a simple leisure walk in the park.

Try to breathe in and out while walking
as it will call for increasing the metabolic rate due to ample amount of oxygen availability which will increase the amount of fat burnt and it will be even better if move your hands while walking.