Waxing At Home

Are you fed up paying a large bill at beauty parlors in order to get hair removed from your body and are considering waxing at home then some simple tips and tricks along with the knowledge of the procedure will help you in this regard. Though waxing at home can be a messy job but if you put in a modest time and effort then you can get the same results as you achieve in the parlors.

Top Tips For Waxing At Home

In order to wax at home you need some simple things like a cold wax, wax warming machine, baby powder, waxing strips, applicators for spreading the wax ,a wet towel, and an after wax lotion preferably an aloe based one.

The most important thing to be kept in mind for waxing is the length of the hair. It is a fact that the best waxing results are obtained if your hairs are at least one fourth inches long and not more than half an inch in length. If you’re shorter wait till they attain the proper size and if longer than you can trim down the length with the help of hair clippers.

length of hair

To start with heat up the required amount of wax in a wax heater and heat it to warm temperature that is easily tolerated by your skin. For checking the temperature, always apply a small amount on your hand and make sure that the wax is warm rather than being hot.

wax heater

In the mean time, you need to cleanse your skin where waxing has to be done and then apply baby powder on it to dry the area as any amount of moisture will make the job of waxing difficult.

Baby powder

Now apply the warm wax that was heated to be warm on the surface of the skin with the help of a wooden applicator. Make sure that the wax is applied in the direction of the growth of hairs and the wax is just enough to cover up the hairs rather than forming a thick coat on the skin surface as it will create trouble to remove hairs.

wooden applicator

Apply a waxing strip above the wax in the direction of hair growth leaving some blank strip at the end which does not have any wax downside. Now press this strip firmly over the wax and hair gently moving your palm a couple of times in the direction of hair growth. This will ensure that the hairs get attached to the wax when it cools down which in turn is bonded with the waxing strip.

Apply a waxing strip

Now you just need to get hold the skin with one hand and use the other hand to get hold of the blank strip and pull the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth. Place your hands on the skin as it will relieve some of the pain caused by waxing.

Pull the strip

Now repeat the procedure for small segments on the rest of the area to remove the unwanted hairs. After you are done remove the left over wax on the body with the help of a wet wash cloth and apply Aloe Vera based lotion. If any hairs have been missed out you can get rid of them with tweezers.

Apply aloe vera