Ways To Remove Eye Bags Naturally


Dark circles and bags below the eyes make a person look older and worn out. A stressed out look of the face is attained due to eye bags. The products and items that are available in the market to get rid of eye bags may be dangerous and costly.

Eye Bags

Therefore, it is always recommended to opt for good techniques which are available right in your home. Practicing home remedies on regular basis would help in preventing and treating eye bags in a safe and natural way.

The things that would be required for preparing a home based remedy for reducing eye bags are a cup, tea bags, water, cucumber, eye cream, makeup remover, and towel.

tea bags

Water is added in the cup and two bags are soaked in this water. The damp tea bags are then applied on each eye. Let the tea bags stay on the eyes for around five to ten minutes. The constituents and ingredients of tea act in the form of astringent and are very soothing for the eyes.

It is vital to clean the face with makeup remover before sleeping at night. This would prevent clogging of pores due to dust and dirt that might have accumulated on your face throughout the day. Wash the face with water after removing the makeup and wipe with towel thereafter.

clean makeup

An eye cream is applied under the eyes after cleaning the face properly. The eye cream that you select for reducing eye bags should constitute vitamin C as an essential ingredient. Vitamin C helps in lightening the skin, thus helping to reduce the visibility of eye bags.

Take a cucumber and cut into slices. Put one slice of cucumber on each eye. Let the cucumber slices stay on the eyes for around five to ten minutes. Remove the slices of cucumber and go to sleep.


You should sleep for around eight hours every night, so that all the tiredness is gone. Sound night sleep would help in reducing eye bags and give you a fresh look when you wake up in the morning.

The appearance of eye bags below the eyes would be reduced in a significant manner, if you practice the steps that have been explained above on regular basis.