What Are The Treatments For Fungal Ear Infections


The infection caused by fungus is different from that caused by common bacteria; thus, both their treatments are different. The different names given, to this condition, are Otitis Externa or Swimmer’s ear. The areas which this ‘disease’ affects are the outer ear and the ear canal.

Fungal Ear Infections

If you have been affected by this condition, then we hope that the remedies we are providing, will offer you some ways to bring back your ear to its earlier, and better, condition.


If you have been infected by this fungal infection, or if you have not been exposed to such a situation yet, you should keep in mind some prevention measures to ward off any such situations (in future).

Clean your ear on a regular basis. Pour in just one drop of water and then flip your head sideways, to bring out the water (possibly, along with dirt).

If you are cleaning your ear with ear swabs, make sure that you perform the operation, in a circular motion (so that the swab is kissing the sides of the ear canal). Never poke directly into the ear; it will create the chance of pushing the dirt further inside the ear.

ear clean


If you haven’t quite taken care of your ears (like you should have) or by any how, you have been affected with this condition, you should know the treatments to get around this situation.

Antifungal Medication

Along with the medication suggested by the doctor, one may also be suggested antifungal drops to be applied in the ears. These ear-drops help treat the outer ear infections, which comes along with inflammation. These drops also help in relieving you of the itching and the pain in your ears.


Acidic Solutions

Sometimes some acidic solutions are suggested to be used in the treatment of fungal ear infections. Acidic solutions like acetic acid act as antibiotics and thus help in the treatment of fungal infections. But make sure that you do not use such acidic medication with any other type of ear infection (barring fungal and bacterial i.e.).

acidic solution

Clean Ears

For a proper treatment of the fungal infection in your ears, it is essential that you keep your ears clean always. Always clean any kind of discharge (wax), puss, etc. that comes out of your ears.You may clean such things with the help of cotton swabs or soft rags.

As mentioned earlier, do not fully insert the cotton swab inside your ear.Instead clean the ‘mouth’ area in circular motion. If you think that an excess amount of ‘debris’ is cuddled up inside the ears, get them cleaned from physician, who uses syringe or suctions for such purpose.

Cleaning is extremely essential (both when infected and not) as or else, the medication will not reach its proper destination.

clean ear

Dry Ears

The growth of fungi is accelerated when the ‘home ground’ is wet, damp. So, to treat such fungal infections, it is a must that your ears remain dry. Be sure that no amount of water gets inside your ears during the fungal infection (and its treatment). No swimming is allowed during this session; and when you go bathing, place a cotton ball (coated with petroleum jelly) inside your ears, to prevent the entry of water.

prevent you ear