Why Should You Have Almonds in Your Diet

Almonds have always been used in foods and in oils as well but do you know all the benefits of almonds? Let us do a quick review:

Almonds are said to be a good source of phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are substances which help in the development of the immune system and also prevent cancer.

These chemicals are found in abundance in almonds. There has never been this much diversity that has been witnessed in a single food source. This is one of those nuts that has a considerably low amount of cholesterol and has a favorable effect on the blood cholesterol levels if it is included in the regular diet.

There have been studies that have suggested that inclusion of almond did not result in any weight gain amongst the people who included it in their diet. Almond also contains rhizveritrol which is the agent that is found in red wine and is responsible for maintenance and health of cardio vascular system and prevention of heart diseases.

Hence the consumption of almonds on a regular basis increases the presence of rhizveritrol in the body and so the chances of heart diseases are reduced. It is said that a healthy inclusion of almonds in one’s diet will help reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases by half.

Almond contains no cholesterol and is known to contain 12% of the daily body requirement of protein. There is a huge percentage of Vitamin E that is present that makes up for the one third of the body requirement for this Vitamin.

It is vital as it prevents cancerous tissues from building up in the body. The fat content is called the mono saturated fat which also is required for the body as a necessity and not as extra weight.

There are minerals like magnesium, zinc, calcium and phosphorus included in as nutrients in this nut. The calcium content in particular, not only helps develop strong bones but also is responsible for the prevention of colon and rectal cancers. The contents of almond are known to support the smooth functioning of neurological functions and hence help boost the brain power.