Why Tea Tree Oil is Good for Your Skin

It is remarkable to know that so many trees and plants are useful in more ways than one. Take the leaves of the Melaleuca or Melaleuca alternifolia as it is scientifically known, a plant that is commonly found in Australia. The Aborigines (native Australian community) were known to use tea tree leaves for medicinal purposes. When the leaves of melaleuca plant are distilled, a pale yellow oil that smells a lot like camphor, can be squeezed out. This is commonly known as tea tree oil, one of many important essential oils.

Tea tree oil is one of nature’s gifts to mankind since it has natural medicinal properties. It is frequently applied topically to treat a variety of skin infections. People are often prone to all kinds of fungal infection, sometimes on their face, body and even in their hair, thanks to rising pollution levels and unhealthy lifestyles. Bacterial, fungal and viral infections can be effectively treated with this essential oil. This article looks at a single specific use for tea tree oil although there are several more.

Treating Skin Infections:

Tea tree oil has anti-fungal properties and is used to cure skin infections like yeast infections, boils, toenail fungus, eczema, psoriasis, athlete’s foot and even treats persistent problems like acne. It is frequently used in creams, soaps and ointments especially those meant for individuals with oily skin. It is also used in shampoos as an active ingredient to reduce dandruff and head lice. A few clinical trials have proven results that bad scalp conditions do improve after using a shampoo containing tea tree oil.

This essential oil also has antiseptic properties that make it effective in treatment of insect bites, scabies, infected wounds, burns, bruises, cuts, warts, nappy rash, cold sores and chicken pox blisters.

Since tea tree oil is considered to be a safe solution to many skin infections, its use has been broadened in other directions like aromatherapy. It can be added to bath water to cure an individual of persistently bad body odor. Aside from its use in skin care, it is also used for other health benefits like relief from the flu, common cold and asthma and treats genito-urinary infections like thrush and pruitis.