5 Tips For Winter Hair Care Advice

In winters, the hair goes through lot of trauma. The cold winds and the dry weather of the winter season make the hair dry, rough and brittle. In order to attain beautiful and shiny tresses in winters, the below given tips would be of great help.

Winter hair care

Deep conditioning is a very good way to keep the hair well moisturized in winters. You should deep condition your hair at-least once in week, so that the hair are nourished in an effectual manner. Deep conditioning the hair is not a difficult task.

Deep conditioning

You can allow your regular conditioner to stay on the hair for half an hour to deep condition the hair. Also, you can make use of avocado based hair mask to deep condition your hair. A mix of mashed avocado, honey and olive oil would work as a very good deep conditioner for the hair.

honey and olive oil

Washing the hair daily in winters is not at all recommended. Daily washing of the hair would result in loss of natural moisture from the hair, thus making the hair dry and frizzy. So, hair washing process should be restricted to only two or three times in one week, so that the natural moisture is not lost from the hair.

Daily washing of the hair

Dry scalp in winters may create various problems. You may have dandruff in the hair due to dryness in the scalp. It is highly vital for you to drink around seven to eight glasses of water every day, even in winters, so that the hair gets proper hydration level.

Drink lot of water

Various hair problemscan be solved by nourishing the hair in a proper way. Massaging the scalp with any essential oil like almond oil, jojoba oil or olive oil is a wonderful way to nourish the hair deeply and stimulate the sebaceous glands of the scalp. This would help in maintaining natural moisture in the hair, thus guarding against the problem of hair dryness in winters.

Massaging with almond oil

Think of wearing a hat on your head, in case of extremely cold weather. This is an amazing way to protect the hair from becoming dry and frizzy due to cold winds of the winter season.

Wearing a hat