5 Effective Diet Tips For Hypertension Or High Blood Pressure


High blood pressure or hypertension is a situation where the levels of blood pressure are very high. Normal levels of blood pressure is considered as 120/80mm. There are various factors that determine the levels of blood pressure. Age, gender and ethnicity are the few factors that may cause high blood pressure. Though, you cannot control these factors, you can make adjustments to your diet and lifestyle to reduce the risks that are associated with high blood pressure.

Here Are The Five Effective Tips That Help You To Cope With High Blood Pressure:

1. Banana

Banana is a wonder fruit that comes to your rescue in handling various health ailments. Now, it is your friend to handle the problem of high blood pressure.[1] As this natural and medicinal fruit is loaded with vital nutrients, banana is known to be beneficial in handling hypertension. Rich in potassium, banana is highly effective in regulating blood pressure and helps in optimizing the functioning of heart. Hence, it is recommended to include banana in your diet if you are suffering from high blood pressure. It is considered as an ideal food for the patients suffering from hypertension.


2. Honey

Honey is rich in therapeutic properties. Its usage as medicine dates back to many centuries. It is recommended for handling various health issues. It is also proven to be beneficial in handling the problem of high blood pressure.[2] Honey is proven to be helpful for normalizing the functioning of heart and regulating the levels of blood pressure. Sugar in honey is highly helpful in promoting metabolism. Hypertension patients are recommended to consume honey on regular basis for getting relief from hypertension.

A spoonful of Golden liquid-Honey

3. Watermelon Seeds

Not only watermelon is good for health, it seeds also have some medicinal benefits. Its seeds are highly recommended for hypertension patients.[3] Watermelon seeds are known to be beneficial in handling the situation of high blood pressure. So, try to add these seeds to your diet plan. Your blood pressure levels are regulated by regular consumption of these seeds.

Watermelon Seeds

4. Coconut Water

Coconut water is highly nutritious. You will find great amount of potassium in coconut water. Potassium is highly beneficial in regulating the levels of blood pressure.[4] So, regular consumption of coconut water is very effective in managing the problem of high blood pressure. If you are suffering from hypertension, try to intake coconut water on daily basis for best results.

Coconut Water

5. Lemon

Lemon is loaded with vital nutrients that are highly beneficial in handling the levels of blood pressure. It is rich in vitamin C which is a great antioxidant.[5] Also, lemon is a rich source of vitamin B which is required for optimizing heart functioning. Lemon in the form of lemon juice and lemonades is usually advised to hypertension patients.