Hair Care tips

Important tips for healthy hair

What measures do you take to keep your hair healthy and beautiful? Probably, you may say you regularly spend a good deal of money to maintain your hair both by frequently visiting beauty salon and by applying expensive hair care products. But in spite of this, a majority of people complain that they are suffering from continuous hair loss, thinning and breaking of hair, etc. This happens because they lack basic methods to take care of their hair. The most important thing you should consider before taking care of your hair is to know the type of your hair whether it dry, oily, normal or combined one. Then according to its length and style, you would have to devote appropriate time to maintain it.

In fact, apart from good hair care products, your diet, way of living and other factors also play vital role in keeping your hair lustrous and healthy. If you do not take balanced diet then you become more prone to various types of diseases because of lack of vitamins and proteins in your body. And this also affects your hair to a larger extent when it starts becoming thin and tends to break. In addition, you also face dandruff problem that weakens the roots of your hair. Even the hair graying starts at very young age if you remain careless towards your diet. This is one of the important tip for hair care.

Hair Care Tips :

Since the hair tends to break while combing in damp condition it is recommended to go for wide-toothed comb.

Always use hair care products according to type of your hair. If you own dry hair then use products that contain oily ingredients and impart luster to your hair. Ensure the products you use do not contain ingredients that may cause allergy. Similarly, prefer products on the basis of its quality instead its sheer popularity.

A majority of people think that by regularly shampooing the hair keeps it clean and healthy. But instead, sometimes, frequent shampooing can also damage your hair by making it drier. In fact, you should clean your scalp only when it becomes dirty.

Although your hairstyle may not require regular trimming but it is advisable to trim your hair in every 45-60 days so to avoid any split ends. Long and medium sized hairs are more prone to have split ends if not taken care of properly.

Always visit a professional hairstylist at regular intervals for thorough hair care.

Do not use cheap colors and dyes to change the color of your hair because they contain harmful chemicals that can permanently damage your hair. Also, avoid changing your hair color frequently. This is one of the useful hair color care tips.

Have a textured hair for better appearance and easy maintenance.

Never try to experiment cutting your hair at home and let it be done by the expert.

You hair also gets damaged when overexposed to sun. Therefore, you should use hair care products that contain sunscreen.

If you are blessed with curly hair and want to change style having straighter one then always use hair straightening iron instead of using the one that is actually meant to press and smoothen your clothes.

Don’t prefer hairstyles that require too much tightening and twisting of hair because this causes hair loss.

Always brush your hair properly before going to bed and let it hang freely without any accessories to prevent any twist and tangle. This is one of the useful method for healthy hair.

Avoid using blow dryer frequent to dry your hair because it weakens the hair causing breakage.

Massage your scalp regularly for not only better health of your hair but even to improve the circulation. Prefer natural oil for massaging like almond oil. Use your fingertips to gently massage your scalp and avoid rubbing your hair.