Hair Types

Different Types of Hair

If you are blessed with beautiful hair then you should take care of it as you do with your body. A sheer negligence will result in early loss of hair, baldness, thinning of hair, no shine and dryness. And this is more than enough to affect you beauty. In addition, if you think that by merely shampooing and conditioning your hair is adequate to keep it healthy then you must remember that these are just superficial and a small part of hair care methods. So, if you really want to take care of your hair properly then first you must know the type of your hair because the hair care methods differ with the types.

Before determining the hair types, you have to consider certain important factors like the hair you possess can be curly or straighter one. Similarly, your hair could be dense but thick or thin. The texture of your hair is also a significant factor to determine its type. While elasticity of hair indicate whether it breaks easily or not.

Each type of hair requires different types of nourishing methods. If you want to know about the type of hair you own then adopt a simple test with the tissue paper. But this test indicates only two types of hair - oily and dry and first you have to clean your scalp thoroughly at least 24 hours prior to the test. Then take a tissue paper and put it in the middle portion of your hair by gently pressing it. Make sure, you have not rubbed the paper. The oiliness on the paper indicates oily hair or else dry hair. This is one of the useful method for healthy hair.

On the other hand, according to experts, the type of your hair depends upon the type of your skin. Hence those having dry skin may have dry hair, while those with oily skin may own oily hair and those with normal skin can be blessed with normal hair. If anyone have combination skin then he/she is more likely to have combination hair.

As compared to other hair types, it is much easy to maintain normal hair and its luster remains for at least seven days when proper hair care methods are adopted. On the contrary, the dry hair becomes drier after cleaning with shampoo. It does not shine and requires intense hair care for better look. Sometimes, even the dryness of the hair may cause itching sensation on the scalp.

Similarly, the oily hair seems beautiful when you shampoo it but the charm remains only for a day or two before it again becomes dull. While, the combination hair that is a blend of dry and oily types of hair also looks excellent for a couple of days but require frequent maintenance. These are the most effective method for hair care tips.