Henna for Hair

Henna for hair works

Everyone wants to color their hair without using chemicals and henna is the best natural hair dye that not only serves the basic purpose of coloring but also imparts conditioning affect as well as thickness to the hair. The henna works more efficiently when the extract of some plants like Indian gooseberry are mixed added to it. Henna can be used in any type of hair whether brunette or blond, whether straight or curly. However, the darker hair produce excellent result when henna is applied on it.

In spite of henna not causing any side effect to your hair, exceptions are always there due to which it is recommended to conduct harvest or strand test. This test will confirm that your hair is suitable for henna or not and also show the effectiveness of the color. The test also makes it evident that henna should be kept in hair for a certain period to get better coloration.

To conduct a harvest or strand test, all you have to do is to separate few hair either by combing or brushing and thoroughly put the thick paste of henna on it. Let the paste remain for a couple of hours before washing and you will see the result. For better result, you can increase the duration before washing. Now, applying the henna on your entire hair will produce the same result as the sample one.

Hair Henna - When a paste of henna is applied on the hair, it takes time to settle and depends upon the type of hair you have in bringing result. The coloration in some hair happens rapidly in which case the particular person may keep henna paste merely for an hour or two. While in other cases, the coloration happens in at least 6-8 hours. After applying henna paste on the hair, you can do your household works as there is ample time in between before you rinse it off. This is one of the useful method for heena hair color.

Few tips on henna for hair

While buying henna from the market, make sure it does not contain the ingredients that may harm your hair. Especially, metallic salts are harmful for hair that makes the hair drier and cause discoloration. This is one of the effective heena on hair.

Always buy henna in small quantities as storing it for a long time will reduce its strength.

Heena Hair Color - Those who get their hair colored in the beauty salons with some coloring agents or dyes are recommended to avoid applying henna before 60 days.

It is always good to clean your hair with good quality shampoo before applying henna paste on it.