Home Remedies For Clear And Glowing Skin

It’s a dream for every woman to have a clear glowing skin but due to our busy schedules we often doesn’t get enough time to visit parlours or spend more time on our beauty regimes. So here I come with some beauty tips which require only few minutes of your time and you end up with a glowing skin without many hassles.

1. Milk Cream For Fair And Nourishing Skin:

Take 2 tea spoon of milk cream with half table spoon of gram flour and a pinch of turmeric , mix it into a fine paste. Wash your face pat it dry then evenly apply this paste all over the face and neck . Leave it for 15-20 mins then wash it off with Luke warm water . And you will be left with a soft supple skin . If applied on regular basis then this can help you get a fair blemish free skin . It can also be applied regularly . If you do not wish to add gram flour or turmeric then you can also directly apply milk cream. This is a tried and tested remedy with no side effects.

Milk Cream For Fair And Nourishing Skin

2. Lemon Juice With Honey:

This is an excellent remedy for clearing dark spots or acne scars. This mixture can be applied at any time and doesn’t require any preparation so it’s a magic remedy especially for people with very less time . Squeeze half lemon juice and add one table spoon of honey , mix it well and it’s all ready to be applied . Wash the face clean and pat dry then apply the mixture leave it for 15-20 minutes and wash it off with Luke warm water . This remedy is not preferable for acne skin as the acid level in lemon can be irritating for the skin . For acne prone skin only honey can be applied for dark spots and once acne reduces then lemon and honey remedy can be followed.

 Lemon Juice With Honey

3. Milk Cleanser:

Milk is One of the best cleanser . It’s preferred for normal to oily skin but not recommended for dry skin . Just dip a cotton ball in milk and you can clean your face and neck with the milk which can be used as an excellent cleanser . It exfoliates the skin and make it refreshing. It’s perfect remedy to begin your hectic day with a refreshing face .

Milk Cleanser

4. Whitening Face Pack:

This is an effective pack for instant whitening look for special occasions where you have got very less time available then this pack is definitely for you. It got ingredients which are easily available and just takes 2 minutes to get prepared. Two tablespoons fuller’s earth powder, one tablespoon milk cream and sufficient amount of rose water to make a fine paste , the paste should not be too thin or thick so maintain a proper creamy consistency. Once done then wash your face clean and pat dry then apply the paste evenly on face and neck . Wait for 15-20 min till the pack completely dries then wash with Luke warm water and apply a moisturiser. It gives you an instant fair look and you are ready to go for a special evening.

Whitening Face Pack

5. Effective Pack For Acne:

Acne is always troublesome for any age group , so here is one very effective remedy for acne which can reduce the redness and visibility of acne overnight. Curry leaves which is a very aromatic and important ingredient is also very effective for treatment of acne . Take few curry leaves which are fresh and not dried then wash them and grind into a fine paste with proper consistency. Apply this paste overnight every day till there is visible reduction in acne . It give results from the very first application . Mostly curry leaves is not allergic but still to be on safer side it’s better to apply this paste on hand to check for any allergic reaction. It’s one of the effective remedies for acne treatment.

Effective Pack For Acne