Home Remedies for Anaemia

Anaemia refers to the deficiency of blood in a body. This deficiency is found due to lack of Iron which is an indispensable element of the hemoglobin and proteins present in the blood. The hemoglobin count goes very low in anaemic people. Heme means iron complex and globin is the name of the protein. In cases where there is lack of iron in the diet, then heme cannot be formed. As the core function of the hemoglobin is to transport oxygen to the entire body, absence of hemoglobin leads to weakness called anaemia.

Causes of Anaemia

Deficiency of iron is anaemia and this can happen due to various ailments. Internal hemorrhages can cause blood loss leading to anemia. People suffering with piles lose blood in stools and suffer from anemia. Hazardous diseases such as cancer causes anemia especially after undergoing treatments by chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Vitamin C deficiency also causes anemia. People face this due to hereditary reasons as well.

Anemia symptoms

People suffering with anemia look pale with discolored lips and nails. Common feelings are fatigue, restlessness, breathlessness, rapid heartbeat, insomnia, giddiness, constipation and indigestion. They always experience a tired and exhausted feeling.

Home Remedies for Anemia

Bathing in cold water is beneficial in anemia. Taking at least cold water bath twice a day is essential. Flushing out toxins by massaging the body is necessary. Breathing deeply for 10 minutes everyday is beneficial. Performing light exercises keeps in being healthy. Yoga including asanas, shavasanas etc are good postures to keep the body balanced and in blood circulation. This is one of the best natural remedy for anemia.

Mix beetroot juice and apple juice in equal quantities. Add sugar or honey to it and consume it. Having this juice daily is one of the wonderful home remedies for anemia. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables such as spinach, fenugreek, lettuce, celery and broccoli that are rich in folic acid, iron and vitamin B12. Lettuce is also a highly rich content and is a good tonic for anemic patients. Beetroot should be a part of a regular food in anemic patients as beetroot is rich in iron contents. Fresh vegetables make a great effect in resolving the anaemia problems to a great extent. Though there are various contemporary medicines available in the market, it is always best to go for fresh vegetables. This is one of the important diet for anemia.

Apples are exceptionally good as it has rich iron content. It should be eaten after every meal. Figs and citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, etc in fact should be eaten in excessive quantity. Ripe banana with honey should be taken twice a day as it really provides energy. Soak currents overnight and having it for 3 to 4 weeks constantly in the early mornings will prove to be effective. Apple and tomato juice are great for anemia. This is one of the best home remedy for anemia.

Another effective anemia remedy Honey taken in any form is fabulous for an anemic patient as honey is abundant with iron, manganese and copper. Soya beans have valuable iron content, vitamin B12 as well as protein. Almonds are rich in copper and iron and all these together assist in hemoglobin synthesis. Plums, black grapes, strawberries, onions, raisins, carrots, radish, tomatoes are great for healing anemia. Apples without peeling are real iron content. Fruits also have a great role in abolishing anemia without much stress and effort.

Healthy and iron rich food helps in avoiding anemia. Pulses, legumes and whole grain cereals, nuts, dry dates make excellent home remedies for anemia patients. Among meats, kidney as well as liver contains abundant iron contents. Balanced food with nutrients makes a perfect food. Smoking should be strictly avoided. Without getting tempted to oily foods and concentrating in high iron content food will surely guide you to stay far away from anemia.

Though anemia home remedies takes a long time to heal as every process has to undergone for a minimum number of days, this is effective in the long run and very beneficial. The contemporary medicines relieve immediately but also have open choices of recurring. But the home remedies control and eliminate the root cause This is one of the best anemia cure.