Home Remedies for Anorexia

What Causes Anorexia ?

(Anorexia Nervosa) Anorexia is a crucial health state that develops problems with eating. People suffering with anorexia are very much concerned about their bodily appearance and its weight. To maintain a shapely figure, they refrain from eating and utilize their best hours exercising. In fact they die out of starvation.

The main cause of getting trapped into diseases like anorexia is they are scared about becoming fat. Even the thought of fatness makes them extremely worried. They cannot imagine to be gaining weight and they keep focusing only in losing weight. They are obsessed with dieting and always have a desire to look like models. Many times Anorexia is a family history or a chemical imbalance in the brain that just shoves them the thought of being strictly thin by not eating. There are cases where people contract anorexia after some serious ailment. This is one of the best anorexia home remedies.

Another effective natural remedies for anorexia reduces the gastric juices secretion and stomach pace. Home remedies provide best treatment for anorexia. Eating 2 or 3 fresh oranges a day is beneficial. Minimum one apple a day is also advantageous as apples enhance the digestive system and is a perfect fruit for improving appetite. Sour grapes with rock salt and pepper are a wonderful appetizer.

Garlic is the best drug for enhancing appetite as it contains the stimulating digestive power property. Preparing a garlic soup or boiling 2 or 3 garlic cloves in a cup of water and in that strained juice mixing lime and drinking it twice a day for almost a week will restore the appetite. This is one of the excellent recommended home remedy for anorexia. Fresh ginger paste with a pinch of salt and lime juice twice a day for a week yields the desired results and relieves from anorexia. A combination of ginger, rock salt, lemon drops, asafetida and pepper are wonderful appetizers. Having it on an empty stomach for minimum 15 days will improve the appetite levels and is one of the exceptional home remedies for anorexia.

Cloves are also explicit anorexia home remedies. This should be consumed for a week twice a day to augment the appetite levels. It is one of the effective natural therapies for anorexia and is also the most common home remedies for anorexia. Herbs such as lavender, marjoram, gentian, hops, sage, thyme, chamomile, tarragon, myrrh and horseradish are excellent appetite stimulants.

Lime mixed with ginger and rock salt should be kept in the sunlight for minimum 3 days. It should be covered so that it is out of the reach of dust settlement. One teaspoon after every meal enhances the digestive capacity. This is a good anorexia treatment.

Vegetable soups with rock salt and a pinch of black pepper powder will surely increases appetite. Similarly, a vegetable salad as a compulsory dish with the meals becomes inevitable and forces one to have it regularly with meals. Vegetable salad should include tomatoes, beets, cabbage, cucumbers, capsicums, and beets. Eating raw tomato also increases appetite to some level and this is the easiest home remedies for anorexia. Including barley, carrots, angelica and watercress is suggested to trigger appetite. This is one of the best diet for anorexia.

According to ayurveda belief Ghee increases appetite without causing any hindrance to other systems of the body. Having spicy food without inclusion of much oil twice a week enhances the appetite. Sour grapes juice can be kneaded with flour while preparing rotis. Non-vegetarian eaters can opt for chicken soup with spices like ginger juice or black pepper to increase the appetite. This is a good anorexia cure.

Yoga postures such as Vajrasana and Pavanmuktasana shoots appetite. There is a belief that acupressure also is an excellent alternative for increasing the appetite. this is one of the good anorexia remedy.

Anorexia Precautions

Avoiding eating itself is a hindrance. Avoid too oily foods. Similarly, munching in between also affects the appetite. Lack of activeness also leads to avoiding food. Sleeplessness is also another essential factor to enhance lack of appetite.

However, home remedies for anorexia are a boon in disguise and is very effective. Moreover, the preparation process being very simple, time and money both are saved.