Home Remedies for Backache

Backache is a mild or severe pain or even a discomfort in the lower back. Backache can be of two types. It can either be acute which is sudden and serious or chronic in which the backache persists for more than three months. It occurs in young people, retired people and also in pregnant women. Backache is defined as the degenerative disorder where the vertebral bone loses its shape due to becoming soft. This results in the spine losing its flexibility and ultimately causes backache.

Causes of Back Pain

There are various reasons which cause backache. The majority of these reasons are common like injuries and strains but they result in backache. Strain on the back portion like surplus lifting of weights and on the ligaments results in backache. An injury of the back muscle leads to backache. Disc disorders and slipped discs also cause backache.

Chronic diseases like Arthritis, Peptic ulcers, abdominal disorders, Meningitis, Bone cancer, Osteoporosis and Dysmenorrhea in women cause backache.

Home Remedies for Back Pain

At night wheat of about 60 grams should be soaked. This should be added with Cuscus grass of a weight of 30 grams and coriander of 30 grams weight. This mixture should be ground to a paste and boiled in 250 grams milk till only two-thirds of the mixture is left. This relieves the pain and at the same time increases the digesting strength of one’s body. Regular intake of equal amounts of Cuscus grass mixed with sugar candy and dosages powdered in 6 grams should be taken with milk two times a day. Drinking honey or glucose in the mornings with warm water is an excellent home remedy for backache. The efficient of all methods is by exercising regularly which improves the nutrient supply to the spinal discs and helps in delaying the deterioration as one grows older.

The most valuable home remedies for backache is the oil made from garlic. A few garlic cloves should be taken every morning. Garlic oil when massaged on the back gives immense relief. This oil is produced by heating a few gloves of garlic in about 60 ml of any oil like sesame oil, mustard oil or coconut oil in a pan for frying. Mint oil can also be used for massaging the back. Preliminary research shows that only massage helps people suffering from lower back pain. Arthcare oil can be used to rub the painful area on the back which is very effective as the arthcare oil penetrates the body faster due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Yogic asanas like salabhasana, halasana, bhujanagasana, shavasana and uttarpadasana. Lemon is a useful natural remedy for backache. The juice squeezed from one lemon mixed with common salt given to a patient twice daily has a great effect.

Heat can be applied with heated water as a temporary relief for backache pain or even an infrared lamp can be utilized for this purpose. Turpentine oil provides immense relief when massaged on the back .Raw potato is a very good home remedy for backache. Raw potato in the form of a poultice has been discovered to be very successful in curing backache. Obesity increases the risk of developing backache as it strains the soft tissues of the back. Appropriate rest is very essential for curing backache. Resting flat on one’s back is found to be relaxing and effective.


Similarly, caution should be taken while bending your back or shoulders. Bending the knee should be the initial step. People undergoing sedentary work should habitually leave their seats after an hour. Sitting positions should be changed frequently. Sleeping on a firm mattress is also effective in relieving back ache and is one of the best home remedies for backache. Cutting down spicy and fried foods will be helpful.

Exercise for Back Pain

Few of these exercises followed prove as excellent natural remedy for backache. Lie on the back and raise legs upwards and hold the breath. Bring the legs down and exhale. Taking deep breaths and relaxing for few seconds. Walking as a regular process is helpful. Essential medicines for getting relieved from backache are easily available at drug stores, but following home remedies are permanent solutions.