Home Remedies for Bed Sores

What Causes Bed Sores ?

Bed sore is a universal problem encountered by senior citizens. This is not limited to senior citizens alone as it affects any one who is bedridden or immobile or in coma for a long period of time. Bed sore is caused when the blood supply passing to the skin gets cut off and this happens when a person is confined to bed or a wheelchair for a lengthened period of time. Daily stress on the similar area for a specific period of time leads to bed sore. Initially the bed sores appear in red color and then turn purple. If proper care is not taken, it causes infection. The common infected areas lower back, heels, buttocks, spine, hip, elbows, lower back and shoulder blades.

A bedridden person being dragged from bed causes the skin muscle to stretch and the blood circulation gets ruined causing the damage. Skin being very sensitive even bedwetting, feces or perspiration leads to bed sores. In general lack of mobility is a vital reason and due to poor diet they are unable to regain their strength. As they are under severe medications, they lack vitamins, proteins and other essential nutrients. Chances of getting a new skin are very less and hence any injury without sensation leads to bed sore. Malnutrition, decreased hemoglobin and arteries hardening are some of the vital reasons for bedsores.

Home remedies for Bedsores

Home remedies for bedsores are the significant ways of avoiding bedsore. Lysol can be sprayed on the entire body. Supplementing the wound with sugar and honey eliminates the poison from the wound. As sugar does not allow bacteria to develop, it has shown effective result. As bacteria do not develop, the area is not infected and has all the chances of getting healed. Subsequently, to enhance equal flow of blood, skin massages are recommended as the effective home remedies for bedsores.

As this disease occurs due to immobility, keeping the skin dry is the best, as moisture is ruinous to the skin. Applying vitamin E oil over the complete body will give suppleness to the skin. Their diet should contain essential vitamins such as A, B, C, E and zinc. Including fibrous food as a regular diet is mandatory. Avoiding meat is recommended. Applying aloe Vera, zinc oxide ointment or wheat germ oil is best for long term bed ridden patients. Make a paste mixing comfrey leaves as well as the slippery elm and tie this paste on the sore overnight to disinfect the bedsore area and cover it with cotton. Washing the sore 2 to 4 times a day with turmeric root and hazel gives relief to such bedridden patients. This is one of the best bedsores cures.

The home remedy for bedsores are the best treatment to prevent it from appearing. Until a patient does not have bedsore complaint, he is on the safer edge. Whenever, a patient is bedridden, constantly changing his position and examining the areas that gets affected should be done on a routine basis. Maintaining hygienic condition is very essential as bedsores even if cured have all the chances of getting reversed. In cases where it gets reversed, early detection will help them from disaster.

But, in case it goes unnoticed and becomes severe, then the survival chances are few. Sprinkling antiseptic powder between every 4-5 hours will be of great help in keeping them at a distance from bedsore. Cleaning the bedsore with a saline solution or with any other medicine prescribed by the physician is a deserved treatment. Removing the dead scabs as well as the tissues and cleaning the wound regularly is considered to be the best natural remedy for bedsores .

Bedsores are common in bedridden patients and handling them with care is essential and effectively possible only with home remedies. As they are bedridden, people at home are the best caretakers. If they get equipped with the details required for cleaning and handling bedsores and the patient, then saving the life of that victim is sure.