Home Remedies for Body Rash

During summer there is an itchy feeling allover the body for most of us. Body rash begins with an itchy feeling and is also referred as prickly heat. Body rash occurs when the ducts in the body gets blocked and forces the sweat to dribble into your skin than liberating it out. Perspiration helps in regulating the body temperature. Putting on tight fitting dresses in fabrics such as polyester and nylon does not allow the sweat to evaporate; instead these fabrics trap the sweat and heats up the skin.

This heating of skin causes to plug the sweat ducts and gives an outlook of swollen appearance. This body rash is commonly seen in areas where a body is completely clothed such as the neck, back, upper chest, abdomen, armpits and groin. People who have heat rash should first the initiative to cool the body. An air-conditioned room will suit the best to relax and to let the body cool. Taking shower bath in cold water minimizes the itching sensation on the skin.

Infants also suffer body rash arising due to diaper. Some of the relevant causes of body rash due to diaper are lack of air, high moisture level, and infectious organisms present in the feaces and urine. These things cause the skins protective oils to break down and the itching body rashes appear. Some babies have frequent diaper rash and this may be because they are susceptible to allergy and the ammonia in their urine creates an imbalance resulting in serious itching and body rash. The affected area is not only itching but also has a pricking sensation making the small babies to become restless.

Effective applications on body rash

Chamomile tea is one of the best home remedy for body rash. This can be used for washing the areas that are affected by body rash. Applying olive oil allows the oil to penetrate in the skin and this result in curing the body rash immediately.

Aloe Vera pulp or gels are effective and simple home remedies for body rash as they can be applied without any effort. Vitamin E or Cod liver oil is also good for healing the body rash. Oatmeal bath is also regarded as an effective home remedies for body rash.

Calcium water or comfrey gives a cool and soothing effect and is effective in reducing inflammation and is considered to be the best home remedy. Gently touching the affected areas with cotton swabs is the best. Basil leaves ground with olive oil, garlic cloves, salt and pepper smeared on body rashes are one of the common home remedies. Using herbal products in washing the affected areas is beneficial to avoid further itching. Ice pack applications on the body rashes give a cooling effect and should be done on priority. Keep the affected area open so that it gets enough air. Bandaging it may aggravate the case. This is one of the useful natural remedy for body rash.


People suffering with body rash will feel constantly restless and this is mainly due to the itching and pricking feeling. Vitamin C is the highly recommended vitamin to heal the body rashes. This is because it has antioxidant properties that are effective in healing rashes. Any food that causes you allergy or itching should be strictly avoided to prevent body rashes. Avoiding yoghurt, pizzas and pickles are best as they possess the tendency of creating body rashes. Similarly, preserved or canned foods are best avoided as these chemical preservatives aggravate body rashes. Eating tomatoes and cucumbers in good quantity helps in keeping your body cool. Similarly, drinking fruit juices are also suggested as they maintain the coolness in the body thereby preventing the body rash. This is the good diet for body rash.

Remedy to prevent body rash

Boil the diapers, rinse thoroughly and dry it in hot sun to kill the bacteria. Keep the baby clean and dry. Adding vinegar and rinsing the diapers are excellent treatment to keep body rash from diaper appearing. Wash babies with warm water and soap. Dry them completely. Adding baking soda to the babies bathing water keeps the rash far away. Applying Vaseline on the diaper makes it waterproof between the skin and the diaper, and applying sandalwood powder on the diaper gives a cool feeling. This is one of the effective body rash treatment.

Home remedies for body rash are one of the significant ways of treating body rash as it appears in specific season and can be treated effectively without any other medications.