Home Remedies for Boils

Skin boils are common among many people. Boils appear on the skin surface due to infection beneath the skin. Some of the skin boils are harmless and vanish in a week’s time. But few others give pain and irritation. When multiple boils appear on skin, it leads to fever and swollen lymph nodes. Chronic Furunculosis is a type of boil that reappears again and again. The most common places where the boils appear are face, shoulders, back, buttocks and underarms.

Initially, the portion of the skin is reddened and becomes soft before the boil appears there. Some people experience itching on the place. After that the soft skin changes to hard and firm. After a few days the center of the boil infects with bacteria and starts combating blood white cells. Then the pus is generated is nothing but a blend of bacteria, proteins and white blood cells. It is extremely important to treat the boils before it develops into this stage because pus can infect the nearby areas. Pus can also mix with the mainstream blood circulation and carry bacteria to other parts of the body.

Causes of Boils

Skin boils appear in our body due to various reasons. The most common cause is the climatic changes. During summer months many people are affected with heat boils. Especially, children are mostly vulnerable to heat boils. Some times boils appear due to foreign materials that get into the body and block the body holes. When the sweat glands are clogged it becomes infected and ultimately lead to boils. A break or a small cut on the skin surface can also develop into boils in the near by areas as they can house bacteria with infections.

Home remedies for boils

Home remedies for boils can in be ideal solution to combat skin boils. Apply a few drop of onion or garlic juice that can open the boil and bring out the pus.

Bitter gourd is an effective home remedy for boils. When the boils are filled with blood drink a cup of bitter gourd juice after adding two teaspoons of lemon juice in empty stomach for one week. The bitter gourd has the power to fight the bacteria and as a result the boils disappear. If you take this drink regularly once in a week, skin boils never appear.

Apply sandalwood paste on the skin surface that provides relief from irritation. Sandal is good in softening the skin and it also provides much needed coolness. Milk cream can be applied on the skin for treating boils. Make a paste with 1 teaspoon of milk cream, half a teaspoon of vinegar and a small quantity of turmeric powder. Apply this mixture on boils for two days and the boils disappear. This is a good boils treatment.

One of the useful natural remedy for boils is cumin seeds. Soak two tablespoons of cumin seed in water for 1 hour, grind it as paste, and apply the paste on the affected area.

Avoid alcohol during summer as it can increase the body heat and ultimately lead to skin boils. Do not eat spicy items during summer. Reduce the use of chilies in your cooking during the summer season. Drive away mosquitoes by using repellents and sleep in beds covered by mosquito nets. Talk bath two to three times during the summer season with cool water. This helps to keep your body cool and clean, and also prevents any build up oils on your skin holes. If you go for any public water amusement parks for playing water sports take bath immediately after returning home. This is one of the best boils home remedies.

Boils can be easily restricted with home remedies as medicines available at drugs once again kindle heat. In addition to healing home remedies have cooling effects as well. This is one of the good boils cure.

Apart from using these home remedies for boils, you can contain the boils and arrest the spreading of bacteria by taking some precautionary measures. Always wash your hands with anti-bacterial soaps after attending your boils. Use abrasive brush while bathing as it can clear the oil plugs on the skin that obstruct the sweating. Never expose your bare body to sun heat during summer. Wear cap or hat while venturing out during the summer season. Take plenty of natural cool agents such as coconuts, cucumber and watermelon.