Home Remedies for Burning Tongue

Burning tongue is a constant sensation felt in all the corners of the tongue. Normally, no signs are apparent. If lips, hard palates of the mouth, gums, inner cheeks, etc experience a burning sensation, then it is known as a syndrome of burning mouth. Burning mouth does not have any control or influence on taste. This can arise due to nerves problem.

Burning mouth causes due to hormonal abnormality, menopause, dental disease, inflammatory disorders, oral diabetes medicines, tobacco use, and many more. The common victims are women who have crossed their menopause stages. Certain situations such as anxiety, depression and common deficiency of nutrients and saliva disorders also affect people.

Causes of Burning tongue

Some times it is due to dry mouth and this syndrome is by normal process of aging or by medications such as antihistamines or antidepressants. Burning mouth is a result of heavy medications in case of people suffering with cancer and some crucial ailments. As their medicines are very strong, it results in burning tongue. Anxiety and stress damage the nerves. It is essential to consume lots of nutritional substances of iron, B vitamins and zinc.

Many times lack of nutrients leads to anemia. Adding to this, food allergies, food coloring, fragrances, additives, chemical preservatives are also associated to induce burning mouth. Chewing habits such as the interiors of the cheek, teeth clenching and tongue thrusting are some of the causes for burning tongue. High blood pressure leads to hormonal imbalances and results in burning tongue.

Home remedies for Burning tongue

Chewing a sugar free gum is one of the essential home remedies for burning tongue. Avoid using toothpaste and give up spicy as well as hot food till the burning sensation in the mouth is cured. Including nutritionally rich food in regular diet is essential to reduce burning tongue. Consuming vitamin B pills or vitamin B can be substituted in the vegetables or fruits form that may be a rich vitamin source.

One of the essential burning tongue home remedies is using the ayurvedic herb Triphala for gargling and Babool decoction to relieve the burning symptoms. One of the traditional home remedies for burning tongue is ice-cube to be put in the mouth. Drinking plenty of water is essential to keep the tongue moist as dry tongue is more painful. Women suffer from burning tongue relatively more than men and experiences numbness in the tongue tip. This pain subsides after nights sleep and gets back to normal in the day.

Natural remedies and Diet for Burning tongue

Many times doctors prescribe medications that are antidepressant, but these medicines result in giving side effects. Fungal infections also cause burning mouth and continuing with burning mouth for a long period of time is dangerous as it slowly damages the liver. So it is advisable to go for appropriate supplements to prevent it from causing more damage. Avoiding cigarettes and acidic drinks is highly recommended to prevent burning tongue.

Burning tongue home remedies - Eating fresh vegetables and fruits containing vitamin B and C will be of great help in relieving burning tongue. These supplement the deficiencies. Taking lots of juices keeps you hydrated and healthy. Water should be drunk constantly as this helps in maintaining the coolness in the body. Leafy vegetables are of great source as they clean the stomach and give a cooler effect to the body.

Beverages such as tea, coffee are also best avoided. Any spicy food or too oily food is recommended to be avoided. Having plain food with lots of boiled vegetables will relieve the burning sensation in no time. Honey with milk increases the blood flow in the tongue and serves as one of the best home remedies for burning tongue.

Burning tongue cure - Citrus as well as non-citrus fruits, both are essential to keep away from dehydration. Chocolates and sweets are best avoided. Alcohol consumption should be restricted. Protein and vitamin rich food are the ideal choice for burning mouth. Avoiding the canned and processed food is very beneficial as it has more preservatives. Hence natural home made food is essential to reduce burning tongue. This is one of the useful diet for burning tongue.

Though science and medicines have reached the height of brilliance in human evolution, yet certain ailments are comfortable with home remedies in cases such as burning tongue.