Home Remedies for Curing Burns


Burns are always very painful, whether the burn is a pin-sized burn or it is a major burn. The human skin is very sensitive to temperature and therefore, burns can really play havoc with the skin. Burns also take a long time to heal in normal circumstances, and if care is not taken, the burn will heal, but will leave a painful blister behind.

Frankly speaking, fire has become a very important part of our daily lives, and so it is practically impossible to avoid burns. But there are some ways in which the pains of the burns and their severe complications can be avoided.

Home Remedies for Curing Burns

The following are some effective home remedies to heal burns fast, and to prevent the formation of painful blisters when they are healing.

Water is of course the best therapy with a burn. If you get a burn while cooking in the kitchen, or if hot oil falls on your skin, then do not panic. Take the burnt portion and hold in the sink. Then open the faucet and let the cool water flow onto the burnt skin. Do this for as long as you need to feel the comfort creeping in again. This is very important to do; do not neglect it. Also, running water on the burn is the surest way to prevent a blister from forming later on. This is one of the useful burns cure.

Another effective burns treatment is to apply the pulp of a banana on the burnt part. This will cool down the part and help it to heal faster. The most beneficial part of this therapy is that it will prevent the formation of blisters on the skin.

Mix some black-eyed peas and grass together. Prepare a fine paste of these two and then apply this paste on the burnt skin. The pain of the burns will disappear within a short time, and recovery will be speeded up. This is one of the useful home remedies for burns.

Burns home remedies - Take some henna leaves and mix them in water or in mustard oil. Then grind the henna leaves finely and apply on the burnt area. This will certainly provide immense relief on the skin.

One very simple burns remedy is to cut thin slices of potatoes and place them on the affected area. If it difficult to hold the potato slices in place, you can tie them with a cloth bandage. This will give very quick relief from the pain of the burns.

Apply some oil and camphor taken in equal quantities on the affected area. This will certainly provide relief to the burnt area. This is one of the useful natural remedy for burns.

You can also apply pure honey on the burnt area as a quick and easy remedy to solve the burns.

Take the tender leaves of the banyan tree and mash them to a pulp in ghee prepared from cow's milk. This will certainly provide a quick remedy to the burns, and will also heal the wound very fast. This is one of the good home remedy for burns.

Grind some of the tender leaves of the red berries with yogurt. Then apply this paste onto the burnt area. This will heal the burn so well, that it will not even leave a scar behind.

Heat some coconut oil with the extract obtained from the leaves of the celery. When cooked, store these liquids. Apply this mixture whenever there is a problem with the burns. This will provide relief very fast.

Burn some portion of the bark of the tamarind tree. Then collect the ash and put it in some coconut oil. Apply this on the burnt area. It provides very good relief from the painful sensation of the burns. This is one of the important home remedies for burns.

The following is a nice remedy to deal with the white scars that are left behind after the burn wound is healed completely. You will need some honey for removal of these marks. Dab a wad of cotton with some honey and then tie it on the scarred tissue. Hold it in place with a cloth bandage. Do this continuously for a few days. This will remove the white scars in time, and will leave normally repaired skin behind.

Keep some fine powder of the bark of a banyan tree always handily stored in a bottle. Whenever someone in the house gets a burn, apply some of this powder on the portion of the skin that has been burnt. The relief is immense and very immediate. This is one of the burns remedy.

Grind some cloves that have been well-immersed in honey. Keep these ground cloves on the burnt area, and hold them in place with a long enough strip of cotton cloth. Doing this immediately after the burn occurs will ensure that the wound will not become too large and will heal very well without leaving any scars behind.

Extract some juice of a bitter melon freshly when you have a burn. Then immerse a wad of cotton in this juice and massage it slightly on the burnt area. This will remove the burning sensation and aid in the healing process. One of the useful home remedies for burns.

You can make a salt solution and apply it on the burnt area. This will certainly sting terribly, but it will ensure that the wound will heal fast and will not leave behind any scars.

Put some limestone in a cupful of yogurt. Apply this paste on the area of the burnt skin. This will stop any blisters from occurring and will also allay the burning sensation of the wound.

In case you want to remove a blister caused by a burn without any pain, you can use the following remedy: Take a single betel leaf and warm it slightly in water. The leaf will get softened. Then coat the leaf with castor oil. Apply this oiled leaf on the blister. Every few hours, replace this leaf with a freshly warmed and oiled one. You can use a cloth bandage to hold the leaf in place. After a couple of leaves are applied, the blister will rupture painlessly and the matter within the blister will be drained out. For better comfort, you can keep the leaf overnight. The blister will be healed in the morning. This is one of the natural remedy for burns.

The Indian herb haritaki (Chebulic myrobalan, Terminalia chebula) is very potent in the treatment of burns. Make a fine powder of a dried fruit of the herb and then mix it in some oil that has been obtained from an animal source. Apply this paste onto the burned area. This will make the burn heal very faster, and the formation of a blister will be prevented.

Make a poultice of the curry leaves and then apply it over the burnt area of the skin. There will be a fast recovery from your burn problem and there won't be any blisters formed. This is one of the effective burns treatment.

Though fenugreek is a bitter herb, it has valuable cooling properties. Make a poultice of this herb and then apply it on the burnt region of the skin. Hold the poultice in place by means of a cloth bandage. This will help the burn to heal very quickly.

Make a paste of the henna leaves or the sandalwood bark in water. Apply this on the burnt area. This will provide a cooling sensation and the pain of the burn will not be felt much. Though these herbs do not heal the burn themselves, they can vastly reduce the painful symptoms of the burns. This is one of the important home remedies for burns.

Make a poultice of the licorice leaves and apply it on the burnt region of the skin. This will make the burn wound heal faster, without leaving a painful blister behind. This is one of the good burns treatment.

Natural remedies for burns - Burn some dried leaves of the mahua plant (Madhuca indica) and collect their ash. Then mix this ash with some ghee. Apply this ghee-mixed ash onto the burns and keep them there with a cloth tied around the area. Within a few hours, the pain of the burns will completely subside and the wound will begin healing.

Tamarind is a great home remedy for burns. Take some tender leaves of the tamarind tree and put them in a pot. Cover this pot and warm it on a fire. When the leaves get burned indirectly in this manner, take them off and then make a powder of them. Then sieve this powder of the leaves and remove any gritty particles that may have come with them. Mix this powder in sesame oil and apply it over the burned part of the skin. This treatment helps the wound to get healed within a few days. One major benefit of this treatment is that it prevents edema and it also helps in the recovery of lost skin. It also helps in preventing infections.

Chamomile tea, taken twice a day helps in fast recovery from burns.

Take the peels of a pomegranate and then apply them on the part where the skin is burnt. This will certainly prove to be a good remedy on the burns.

If you can get hold of the fresh leaves of a digitalis leaves, it can prove to be a very good home remedy for burns. Grind the digitalis leaves into a paste and apply it onto the burns. Hold the leaves in place by means of a cloth bandage. This will certainly help the burns to heal very fast. The advantage with digitalis is that it can repair even those cells which are very severely damaged from the burning. If you cannot get hold of digitalis, you can buy an ointment from the chemists' which will contain digitalis as the main ingredient. This will also have the same effect on the burnt portion of the skin.

Make a paste of the leaves of the euphorbia (Euphorbia hirta) leaves and then apply it on the burns. This will cool the burn and will hasten the treatment process, and stop the blisters from forming.