Home Remedies for Common Fever

Causes and effect of Common Fever

What causes the common fever? Most people associate fevers with colds or viruses. One of the old sayings, “You must be coming down with something,” is common when people recognize the common fever. These fatal words have lead to death in some instances. When you have a fever, you want to make sure that, it is not just a common fever. Fevers are associated symptoms with some diseases. When someone has a fever, the body temperature increases. This increase serves a purpose. When the body temperatures rise, it serves to protect the body against injury or infections. The body defense elevate with the rising of the body temperature.

Some of the causes of fevers include cancer, infections, allergic reactions, hypothalamus damage, and certain drugs, exercising excessively in hot weather, hyperthyroidism, chromocytoma, or other hormone disorders. Some of the common causes of fever include allergic reactions, pneumonia, influenza, urinary tract infections, or other types of viral infections. Cancer can cause fevers also. The hypothalamus is the part of the brain that controls the body temperature, which it can rise in the morning and fall during the evening. It is not uncommon for people to have a temperature of 99.9 during the evening. The problem occurs when the temperature remains constant.

Anyone is subject to the common fever. Children, elderly people, teenagers, and the middle age adults are subject to common fevers. Despite what may have caused the fever however, it is important to consult with your physician to make sure that you do not have any major illness causing the condition. Do not wait until it is too late. In the meantime, you can take some natural home remedies for the common fever, which can help you, prevent, or treat the condition.

Home Remedies for common fever:

Certain home remedies for common fever can help treat or prevent the common fever. At your drugstore, or supermarkets you may find light yellow oils. These oils have natural antiseptic agents used for healing. The oils will provide you with many benefits and serves as excellent home remedies for common fever you can use some of the oils to treat depression and reduce stress. To help relieve muscle pain, try lemongrass oil. Lemongrass oil will help reduce infections and the common fever. (People with glaucoma should avoid using lemongrass oil)

There are so many benefits of using home remedies. The home remedies often used for treating various health conditions are natural. Since doctors are finding that many of the medicines used today to treat various illnesses are causing death, they are resorting to natural remedies. Fenugreek oil comes from the Trigonella Foenum family. The plant seed derives from India and the oil is used to treat boils, cysts, indigestion, allergies, bronchitis, fevers, coughs, expectorants, congestion, infections, mucous, inflammatory, and is an amazing home remedy for common fever . It also promotes oxygen. People with diabetes or low blood pressure have found many benefits from Fenugreek oil as well.

The coffee aromas are useful for treating and preventing the common fever. The aromas come from a tree class of coffee arriving with the ARABICA and CANEPHORA family. This dark oil is used as a home deodorizer, yet the antioxidants in the oil will create a smell to help reduce depression, soothe the respiratory system, reduce fevers, help to heal bug or bee stings, and reduce nausea. Camphor helps to reduce fevers. This is one of the aroma essential oils. This is one of the efficient natural remedy for common fever.

Another effective common fever treatment is through a distillation steam process, the oils are extracted to create Camphor. Camphor arrives from plant wood. The wood is processed from root stumps, chipped wood, and branches. Originally, the oil comes from China. The chemical-based compound has an antiseptic agent. The oil is used in medical creams to relieve itching. Camphor is used as an anti-inflammatory property and antiseptic. The oils help to heal cardiac problems. It is also helpful to treat diuretic, colic, carminative, febrifuge, and is used as a laxative. Camphor is known relieve nervous disorders, depression, inflammation, pain, arthritis, acne, bronchitis, colds, flu, fevers, and coughs. This is one of the common fever home remedies.