Home Remedies for Corns

Corns are toughened skin patches formed in the shape of a cone, with the tip pointing into the foot. Hard corns are formed on the top of the toes or on the outsides of the little toes whereas soft corns are formed between the toes. When pressure is put on the corn, the tip touches the foot tissue, causing immense pain. Wearing tight shoes, ill fitting socks, inflexible or nonporous shoes, high-heeled shoes all cause corns to form on the toe. Diabetics are prone to get corns and they should never ignore foot problems. People with flat feet, erosion of skin on the foot sole and walking on hard surfaces without proper protection also cause corns. There are several home remedies for Corns which we shall discuss in detail for your convenience and information.

Home Remedies for Corns from Herbs

The following herbs offer home remedies for corns and can be considered for initiation if the need arises. Licorice sticks and sesame oil or mustard oil are ground well and made into a paste. The paste once rubbed on the corns, makes them soft and relieves the pain considerably. Lemon slice tied to a corn for a reasonable time, heals it and then can be washed with a disinfectant to clear the remnants. Raw papaya juice when applied on the hardened part of the skin is found to be extremely helpful in treating corns. When parts of Indian Squill are bandaged on the corns overnight, seems to work wonders. Application of the milky juice of green figs also softens the skin; the results are encouraging and minimize the chances of occurrence. A mix of chalk powder and water is also preferred by many for its curative action.

Home Remedies for Corns

A mix of aspirin tablets and lemon juice softens the corn and lessens the pain for comfortable walking. When an ice pack is applied on the hard corn, swelling reduces and pain eases for utter relief. Vinegar soaked cotton ball when tied to the corn for a period of time makes it soft enough to be rubbed with a pumice stone for encouraging results. When Cornstarch powder is sprinkled on the affected area, it absorbs the moisture there and keeps the area dry to keep away the fungal infections. Dilute Chamomile tea when used as a relief measure helps to dry out sweaty feet and soothes the affected area completely. Soaking your corn in a basin containing warm water and baking soda relieves the pain for complete comfort. Petroleum jelly applied on the toes reduces friction and decreases pain while walking. These are some of the home remedy for corns which can be successfully used to mitigate the sensation. This is one of the useful corns home remedies.

Natural Cure for Corns

Corns cure - A small piece of fresh pineapple peel should be wrapped around the corn and left overnight. The enzymes and acid content of the fruit treats the corn well and completely cures the corn, if used for a week. Used tea bags can be tied to the corn for one hour everyday for excellent results. Oatmeal should be boiled in water for five minutes, then the water strained into a basin and the corn affected foot soaked in it to relieve the pain. Juice from the stem of Dandelions can be applied on the corns for complete cure. Brewer’s yeast and drops of lemon juice can be made into a paste, applied on the corn, allowed to remain overnight and the transformation is to be seen to be believed. This is one of the effective natural remedy for corns.

Prevention and Diet for Corns

Toe nails should be trimmed regularly, and make sure they don’t protrude beyond the tip of the toe. The rough edges of the toe nails must be smoothened. Selection of the right shoes should be given utmost importance and should fit in all the parameters required for comfort use. They should be flexible, soft and pliable for convenience of the foot. Shoes should never be given to others for use. A balanced diet with regular burn out of excess calories always provides an immune resistant body. It is advisable not to cut corns as heavy bleeding and infection may occur. If a corn is present, padding it before wearing the shoes protects it from the pressure applied and relief can be achieved. This is one of the effective diet for corns.

All the corns home remedies generally work, but if the symptoms persist and the irritation continues unabated, a qualified medical practitioner should be consulted for permanent cure.