Home Remedies for Dandruff

Dandruff is a term that is used to refer to the skin condition in which silvery, shiny scales begin to separate from the scalp and then the scales collect amidst the hair. If the skin gets infected, dandruff can really become very troublesome. There are two major symptoms of dandruff. One symptom of dandruff is when the scales begin to separate from the scalp. During the time that the hair is brushed or combed or during the time that the scalp is scratched, the scales that are located on the scalp begin to fall like little white snowflakes and then they settle in the eye brows on your shoulders and on your clothes.

There are times that these scales will appear in lumps and there are times that they will appear as crusts all over the scalp. The second major symptom of dandruff is that there is a presence of itching and the scalp becomes red.

The Causes of Dandruff

There are two main causes of dandruff. The first main cause of dandruff is the impairment of wrong food intake, general health and constipation. So basically, the major causes of dandruff is going to be because of the development of a toxic condition that has resulted from the consumption of wrong foods, a low vitality because of an infectious disease and the impairment of your general health. The second main cause of dandruff is harsh shampoos, emotional tension and general exhaustion. Some other factors that can contribute to dandruff are harsh shampoos, emotional tension, general exhaustion and exposure to cold.

Home Remedies for Dandruff

Fenugreek seeds are among the best home remedies for dandruff. You can take two tablespoons of these seeds and soak them overnight in water and then ground them into a very fine paste when you awake in the morning. You can apply this paste all over the scalp and then you let it set for an half of hour. After time has passed, you should wash your hair with a ritha or soap-nut solution thoroughly. Lime is also among the best home remedies for dandruff.

In the treatment of dandruff, the individual use of one teaspoon of fresh lime juice as the last rinse during the time you are washing your hair, is a very effective remedy. Not only does this leave your hair glowing, it also removes the stickiness and in turn prevents dandruff. Green Gram Powder is among the best natural remedy for dandruff also. Green gram powder, the use thereof, can be a really valuable prescription for the removal of dandruff. When using this remedy, you should wash your hair two times a week with a mixture of two tablespoons of green gram powder and a half of cup of curd.

Dandruff cure - In the treatment of dandruff, beets have been found as useful remedies. The tops and the roots of the beets can be boiled in water and then massaged into the scalp every night with the tips of your fingers. For this purpose, white beets are better. Snake Gourd is also among the best dandruff treatment. Snake gourd juice in relationship to the treatment and prevention of dandruff has been found very beneficial. In the treatment of dandruff, you can rub the juice all over the scalp.

Now that you know all of the most popular home remedies for dandruff, let’s discuss some other remedies for the treatment of dandruff. If you leave curd out in the open for a period of three days, you can remove your dandruff by massaging your hair with curd for a half of hour. You can also use lime juice combined with amla juice one time each night preferably before you go to bed. Apple cider can also be used by diluting it with an equal quantity of water and dabbing it on your hair with a cotton ball in-between the times that you shampoo your hair.