Home Remedies for Diaper Rash

Symptoms of Diaper rashes

(i) Excess of moisture in the diaper

(ii) Allergies to urine

(iii) Fungal infections

(iv) Chemical irritants

(v) Friction with the diaper material

(vi) Lack of proper hygienic conditions in babies.

Babies cannot express their feelings. So when the diaper hurts them, they will not be able to express that. All they will do is cry. When a diapered baby cries without any apparent reason, it must be checked whether the diaper is hurting him or her.

Diaper rashes occur as red sores on the tender skin of the baby. Normal diaper rashes would disappear in a few minutes after the diaper is removed, but some complicated ones might persist. These are the ones that require immediate remedial attention.

Home Remedies for Diaper Rash

Diaper rashes are very common occurrences with babies in the house, and they occur very frequently if diapers are used. It is not possible to run to the doctor each time there is a diaper rash. Hence, there are some good home remedies whose use can be made of in case of diaper rashes. All these home remedies mentioned below take into account the tenderness of the baby's skin.

The best remedy is no diapers at all. Take it off whenever practically possible. Instead put the child on the nice rubber or plastic sheet covered with washable cloth and air out its bottom frequently. This is one of the best home remedies for diaper rash.

If a baby is very sensitive to diapers, then changing the diapers frequently helps. Do not allow the diapers to become full to their maximum capacity. When it is about half full, change the diaper and put on a new one. This is one of the effective diaper rash home remedies.

Diaper rash remedy - The skin around the diaper area should be gently cleaned at every diaper change with warm water and it should be pat dried.

There are some lotions available in the market to protect the baby's skins from diaper rashes. You could talk to your pediatrician about it. They will suggest the proper type according to the nature of your baby's skin. This is a good diaper rash treatment.

In mild conditions of diaper rashes, keep your baby's diaper area skin exposed to the breeze for about half an hour. You can drape some light cloth over the baby, but let air circulate properly through the diaper area. This removes most of the diaper rashes. This is one of the natural remedy for diaper rash.

Home remedy for diaper rash - Some babies may be sensitive to materials or substances of one particular brand but not to others. So change to some other brands and search for the comfortable one for your baby.

Try to avoid commercial baby wipes as much as possible. These contain alcohols among other chemicals that may be harmful to your baby's skin.

Once you have removed a soiled diaper and cleaned the baby, make sure that you pat dry the baby with a soft towel. Leave the area exposed to air for few minutes for better safety. This is one of the useful diaper rash remedy.

Many pediatricians recommend applying a thin layer of diaper rash cream containing zinc oxide.

Natural remedy for diaper rash - Use baby friendly products recommended only for babies and not for adults. Never apply any products that are for adults on trial basis.

Stale urine is highly alkaline and can burn the skin as an acid. To neutralize this take half a cup of white vinegar to rinse the diapers while washing. If you are using disposable diapers then try washing the baby’s diaper area with a solution of eight parts of water to one part of vinegar for similar effect. This is one of the useful home remedies for diaper rash.

See to it that the baby is often checked for its diaper regularly and change its diaper as soon as possible after it is soiled.

Most doctors prescribe diaper rash cream every time you change the diapers. You can even dust talcum powder over the baby's diaper area. Make sure during this that the baby does not inhale talcum powder as it may be dangerous. This is one of the important diaper rash cure.

Do not use pants with an elastic and especially tight fitting pants for the baby as they may rub with the skin and can cause inflammation or burning sensation. Instead use loose fitting cotton pants. This is one of the effective home remedy for diaper rash.

Prolonged contact with wet or dirty diapers is commonly believed to be a reason for diaper rash. However, if the baby is breastfed, then just check what new food has been added in your diet. Wheat could also be a factor. Grains should be introduced as the last food when the baby is being weaned off breast milk. This is one of the best diaper rash treatment.

Lactating mothers must take less intake of vitamin C. Fruits such as pineapples and oranges must be avoided since they have a rich content of vitamin C in them. This is a good diet for diaper rash.

Sometimes the diaper rash may be due to the nappy and not the diaper itself. Therefore, the nappies also need to be maintained clean. Hang drying the nappies in the hot sun is always better than tossing them inside a dryer. The drying in the sun kills all microbes that may be present in the nappies. One of the useful home remedies for diaper rash.

Controlling Diaper Rashes

Since the rashes are common problems, we cannot completely stop them. However with some of these precautionary measures, they can be minimized. The following are some ways to keep diaper rashes away:-

(i) Always make the baby diaper free at regular intervals. Keep the baby without the diaper whenever it is possible.

(ii) Before making the child wear a new diaper, clean its diaper area and check it is not soiled.

(iii) Use cotton as material for nappies when rashes are serious or just leave them open.

(iv) See to it that the baby is constantly dry and check for its diaper at regular intervals.

(v) The child should be made to wear loose fitting clothes.

(vi) Keep spraying baby talcum powder when ever you change the baby’s diaper.

(vii) Do not leave moisture retained on the baby's diaper area. This could cause skin infections.