Home Remedies for Ear Infection

The causes of ear infections range from water inside the ear to having drainage from sinuses. The important thing to state here is that, while home remedies for ear infection help ease the pain and discomfort, most infections will need to be diagnosed and treated by a physician. When the ear gets infected, the longer it goes without antibiotics, the more prone the ear is to hearing loss. Use the home remedies for ear infection only in conjunction with the proper conventional medical care to preserve the precious gift of hearing. Children are the most susceptible to ear infections. It is recommended that careful choice goes into the use of home remedies for ear infection on children who are younger than the age of twelve. They have delicate ears and can not voice to parents just what is happening. It is best to ask a physician what remedies are appropriate for the child before they are used.

The Causes Of Middle Ear Infections

Most ear infections are not a concern for adults but rather children. These infections usually stop by about three years of age but for some children; can go into the older years. The main cause for ear infections in children are brought on by fluid inside the ear. This is common right after a cold or congestion illness. The fluid gets caught up inside the inner ear tube and has no way to get out. Thus, the infection starts. Antibiotic treatment for one week to ten days is always necessary to clear it up. For adults, the infection inside the ear can be caused by water inside the ear. The water from showering or swimming gets trapped inside the ear and created a fungus. The fungus is a nasty infection known as “swimmers ear”.

Home Remedies for Ear Infection

The best home remedies for ear infection is to try to prevent the infection from happening. This means keeping the ear dry and possibly using cotton or ear plugs to keep the water out. If the individual is prone to getting ear infections because of sinus problems, the use of a daily decongestant or antihistamine might do the trick. The doctor can always give drops and antibiotics to take orally if there is an infection. There are also drops available to use that will prevent the buildup of fluid inside the ear.

Children's ear infections are usually brought on by a cold so it is is a wise idea to try to keep the child from situations where they may get sick. For those children in day care, the best way to prevent an ear infection from happening is to boost the child's immune system with the proper vitamins and nutrition so they can fight off the unwanted germs. A complete check of the day care facility they are in will also be a good idea. Make sure it is clean and sanitary. This is one of the effective ear infection treatment.

Besides, natural remedy for ear infection can help ease the pain of the infection. The first thing that can be done is applying heat packs to the on the outside and down the side of the neck. A warm wash cloth will also work. Make sure it is not too hot. Taking a pain reliever will also help to reduce pain inside the ear and ibuprofen will help reduce the swelling to allow proper drainage. Antihistamines and decongestants through the nose will provide the drying action to get the fluid out. It the pain is severe, drinking water might help and the swallowing encourages muscle use. This movement can clear the ear and also make it stronger. Finally, try to sit or rest with your head up. The pain seems to ease in this position. The best thing is to see a doctor if the ear is giving any problems such as pain. Definitely see a doctor if the ear starts to drain s this is a sign of a rupture inside the ear. It is better to be safe than have permanent hearing loss.