Home Remedies for Edema

Edema (swelling) is referred to as dropsy as well. Edema causes the organs and other parts of the body to fill with fluid and expand. The tissue affected can be in the legs, the feet, or the ankles as this is one of the lower points of the body. If the edema is bad enough, other areas can be affected like the hands and the face. To find out how bad the swelling is, or if it is pitted edema, take your finger and press against the bone of the part that is swollen. The amount of time it takes to return to normal will show you just how bad the edema is. The deeper the pit, the more fluid the tissue is holding. Women usually have this problem more than men do especially around the time of menstruation. Home remedies for edema relief are available and can bring comfort to the sufferer. Most of them are simply things to change in everyday life like adding water to your diet and reducing salt or taking it out completely.

Edema is common in those that tend to sit for long periods of time as do secretaries and those who work on the computer for hours at a time. The fluid drops to the lowest place usually being the feet and ankles. This really is more of being uncomfortable and not life threatening in these small amounts. Those who choose to eat large amounts of salt also retain water in the tissues on a regular basis. Individuals with certain heart and blood pressure problems are also prone to edema problems. This fluid problem can be life threatening to the patient if it is collected around the heart. The pressure of the fluid causes the heart to have trouble pumping properly. Many individuals are plagued each day with edema in the lower parts of the body. This might be in the lower part of the back, in the bottom, the thighs, and pelvis. The only recourse for soothing these discomforts is to use a home remedy for edema as even exercise will not help it.

The Best Home Remedies for Edema

There are a number of home remedies for edema to choose from. One of these is ground flax seed. This can be added to the food they eat by sprinkling it over it. For those who do not prefer the taste of the seeds, there is an oil that can be used also. For pregnant women with edema, the flax seed is completely safe to use. Drinking large amounts of water or tea three times each week will help to take the excess salt out of the body. This in turn, reduces the swelling caused by sodium. Speaking of water, taking a swim will actually help to get rid of the fluid in the tissues. The pressure that is around a body in a pool puts pressure on the tissues and causes the fluid to go into the individuals bladder where it can be expelled. This is where it should be and the exercise will do the body good. This is one of the effective edema treatment.

In conclusion, the natural remedy for edema in the body are to drink plenty of water each day and reduce your salt intake. Swimming three times a week is best to help where other exercises will not. Changing the diet will help the body to expel the salt in it. For individuals who sit for long periods of time, moving around and walking some will help. Once at home, the edema sufferer can use the easiest home remedy for edema by simply sitting down and putting up their feet to rest. A nice cup of hot tea will also be an added addition and it could not hurt in helping the individual to relax and rest better at night.