Home Remedies for Hair Loss

Hair Loss Therapy

Hair loss is an everyday occurrence. It is quite ordinary to lose a hundred strands per day. A person can still live even if he is bald but it is commonly believed that having a lustrous mane is vital to one’s aesthetic appeal. Hair is an outgrowth of product of protein. The hair grows at an average length of approximately 1.2 centimeters per month. Females aged fifteen to thirty years old has the fastest hair growing rate.

Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss is an affliction in men and women, which causes anguish for the concept that it lessens virility and attractiveness. It can be in the form of thinning or having bald spots. Receding hairline is also quite common among men of varying ages.

Hair loss is caused by several factors – lack of vitamins or inadequate nutrition, stress, prolonged illness, heredity and unclean condition or poor hygiene. Improper nutrition causes hair loss due to the absence or lack of nutrients such as folic and vitamin B6, which are vital for hair growth. Once this concern is addressed, the hair will grow back. Illnesses such as typhoid, STD, flu and anemia can also result to hair loss. Poor hygiene especially in the scalp area stops hair growth because of the dirt blocking the roots. Heredity also plays a big role in hair loss. If parents’ family has several cases of baldness or thinning hairs, then there is that greater chance for hair loss.

Hair loss Home Remedies

Hair loss can be remedied in several ways. One can consult a hair loss management expert or can also try some home remedies for hair loss that are easily available.

One common therapy in dealing with hair loss is the scalp stimulation after washing the hair with cold water. It is said that this practice will invigorate the sebaceous glands resulting in hair rejuvenation.

Hair loss home remedies from Amla Oil

The use of amla oil boiled in coconut oil is deemed as an effective hair tonic. Amla juice mixed with an equal amount of limejuice is a shampoo substitute, which can inhibit hair loss as well as promote hair growth. This is one of the best natural remedy for hair loss.

Hair loss home remedies from lettuce and spinach juice

Hair loss can also be treated by consuming up to half a liter of a mixture of lettuce and spinach juice everyday. Alfalfa juice in equal proportion to carrot and lettuce juice when taken orally have beneficial effects to hair growth.

Abundant growth of hair can further be helped by other organic ingredients. The fresh juice of amaranth leaves when applied to the hair can stimulate growth and improve its texture thus providing a smooth texture to the hair. Neem leaves as well as the leaves of the margosa tree when boiled in water can produce a decoction, which can stop hair fall, further blacken the hair and kill lice. This is one of the effective hair loss treatment.

Hair loss home remedies from henna leaves

Sixty grams of henna leaves should be gradually dropped in 250 ml of slow boiling mustard oil until they are almost burnt may be filtered and stored for regular hair massage. Another most effective hair loss home remedies is applying coconut milk squeezed from ground coconut shavings and massaging into the hair roots to stimulate hair growth.

Other home remedies for Hair Loss

Various home remedies can be used as antidotes for bald patches also. A paste made from ground lime seed and black pepper increases circulation if applied twice daily for a few weeks. Liquorice ground in milk with a pinch of saffron should be applied to affected areas before bedtime. Onions can also be rubbed in the bald patches in the morning and evening until affected area is red. Honey should be massage thereafter. Pigeon pea paste or red gram paste massaged frequently on the affected area would also have a positive result.

Other concoctions which may be used as hair loss cure which includes green coriander leaves juice, a mixture of refined coconut oil, lime water and lime juice castor oil cooked black gram and fenugreek paste for longer hair.

Other preventive home remedies for hair loss

Hair loss can further be prevented by consuming a healthy and well-balanced diet with generous amount of seeds, nuts, grains, vegetables and fruits augmented by milk, vegetable oils, honey, wheat germ, yeast and liver. This is one of the best diet for hair loss.

Proper hygiene should also be observed in preventing hair loss. A combination of all good nutrition, hygienic practices and a dose of home remedies can go a long way in preventing or treating hair loss.