Home Remedies for Hiccups

A hiccup is caused by a spasmodic movement of the diaphragm. It often repeats itself in constant succession. The scientific name given to hiccups is singultus. Sometimes embarrassing, the way certain people hiccup is also a source of amusement. There are many reasons attributed to being the cause for hiccups. Remedies for this problem too are many. These remedies shorten the frequency of hiccups and may stop them completely. Lets us see what the science behind hiccups is in this article.

The sudden inflow of air into lungs causes hiccups. When the air suddenly enters the lungs, it causes the epiglottis of the lungs to close. This causes the ‘hic’ noise to come out. A series of hiccups should manage the situation by itself. However for some people, this bout continues for an unusually long period. Here is when the home remedies for hiccups must be sprung into action.

Other causes of hiccups may include abdominal surgery, spicy and hot food, gulping large portion of food quickly and noxious fumes. Sometimes in rare instances, hiccups may also be caused due to a tumour or a stroke affecting the hiccup centre of the brain. This case will need immediate medical attention. We will discuss the natural remedy for hiccups later in the article. Hiccupping has a purpose too. Let us see what this purpose is.

Although there is no scientific evidence to support this theory being the purpose of hiccups, common belief is that hiccup speeds up the particles of food which are stuck in the oesophagus. Some particle of food may take a longer time to pass the food pipe and in some cases may be stuck to the walls of the oesophagus. As hiccup is a spasmodic movement, this may dislodge the particle that is stuck. Babies in the uterus also experience hiccups a few times during the nine months. This is believed to be a form of respiratory exercise. It is also believed to be a means of preventing the amniotic fluid to enter the lungs.

Sometimes hiccups may be caused by something more serious than spicy food or sudden intake of air into the lungs. In these cases, the hiccups are more frequent. They also prolong for a longer duration. This calls for a visit to the doctor to confirm the reasons behind these hiccups. A diagnostic test for hiccups will usually involve a series of questions which will need to be answered by the patient. Questions pertaining to the frequency of occurrence of the hiccups, how effective the hiccups treatment were, how long the bout lasted, what was consumed before the onset of hiccups and so on are asked. Symptoms if any present also must be mentioned to the doctor.

Sometimes excessive hiccupping may be caused due to a problem in the brain. Some form of brain tumours affect the hiccup centre in the brain which induces excessive hiccups. Certain kidney diseases are also known to be held responsible for hiccups. More often than not, cause for sudden hiccups is very simple and harmless. They usually don’t require any special medical attention. Unless you find something abnormal about your hiccups, there is no need to worry.

Home remedies for hiccups

Blowing a balloon, drinking water with your head bent and by sipping from a glass full of water, breathing in through the nose and breathing out through the mouth concentrating on the breathing process, a sudden distraction or a sudden unexpected question can immediately stop hiccups. Putting your fingers in your ears and then breathing is also effective. Drinking a cup of water with sugar, trying to burp, looking up as much as you can with your eyes closed are some remedies that work well to stop hiccups too. Some people advice having a spoon of vinegar to stop the hiccups. What works varies from one individual to another. This is one of the effective hiccups cure.